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October 17th, 2005

Master Your Fly Casting
By Jim C. Chapralis

Reviewed by Deanna Birkholm (LadyFisher)

Author, Jim Chapralis
Jim Chapralis' name should be familiar to you. He has written a complete section on casting, including Tournament Fly Casting for Fly Anglers OnLine, along with the basics for getting your casting up to speed to improve the quality of your fishing.

Master Your Fly Casting!...and have fun doing it is Jim's latest book, and one which is not the 'average' casting book. It is not a basic casting book, nor is it an 'easy fix' for casting problems. A ton of books are out there on those subjects.

Master Your Fly Casting

Instead, what Jim has done is give the person who already knows how to cast, a level-to-level system to take their casting to a higher plane - to put them among the top ten percent of all casters.

For those who have read Jim's work here, some will be a repeat - but having the book at your hand instead of on the computer screen can make some of the lessons even more valuable.

From the back cover:
  • Follow the level-to-level progressive approach and zoom into the WOW! Class of fly casters - to the top 10 percent!
  • Why practice? (A must-read chapter)
  • Where to practice? (Just about anywhere)
  • How to set up targets (less than $20)
  • Tackle you need (you probably have it)
  • Get others involved (family, friends, other anglers)
  • 11 levels of casting expertise - including distance practice (if you know the double haul).


  • Introuduction to ACA accuracy games (e.g., the classic "Dry Fly" and the challenging "Bass Bug")
  • Distance? (Would you believe some anglers can throw a fly more than 2/3 of a football field with a single-hand fly rod?)
  • Try the featherlight 5-weight distance or the button-buster Two-Hand Distance Fly Event.


  • Interviews with Steve Rajeff (best fly caster ever!), Dick Fujita, John Seroczynski, Henry Mittel, Zack Wilson and other all-time greats
  • How to run a tournament
  • Casting is a family affair (Alice Gillibert cast a fly 150 feet; her daughter and son are also champions)
  • Casting for everyone (senior casters throw a fly over 200 feet; another senior caster is among the top six accuracy casters despite loss of vision in one eye).

  • If you are interested in really becoming a fine caster, get Master Your Fly Casting! It is very well written and presented in a logical manner - and the 'tips' throughout the book are worth the purchase price alone.

    Nice job Jim! We are delighted to recommend it to our readers. ~ DLB

    Master Your Fly Casting
    By Jim C. Chapralis
    Published by AnglingMatters
    P.O. Box 4938
    Skokie, IL 60076
    Softbound, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, 216 pages, black & white illustrations
    ISBN: 978-0-97086536-6
    Price: $16.95 US

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