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June 27th, 2005

DVD Tying Classic Wet Flies
By Don Bastian

Reviewed by Vicky Eagle Elk

Tying Classic Wet Flies
I was asked to watch and review the DVD Tying Classic Wet Flies by Don Bastian. Let me say first of all that I've never tied a classic wet fly, although I've been wanting to. The look of those smooth as silk bodies and classic quill or married wings really intimidated me. I do very well, so my husband says, with dry flies and hair wing streamers, but those classis wets sent shivers down my spine.

I learned a lot from this DVD. Mister Bastian does an extremely good job of illustrating the steps required to tie each of the flies in his series. Like our late friend, Al Campbell, he builds on the techniques from one fly to the next. The repetition of critical steps is very helpful to a beginner such as myself. Thanks to his helpful tips, I know my floss bodied flies will be much smoother and improved from now on.

The main bugaboo for me was the quill or married wings present on so many classic wet flies and Atlantic salmon flies. Mister Bastian does such an excellent job of explaining and demonstrating the technique for marrying the fibers together and setting the wings in place that I now feel that I can attempt married wings, without feeling so intimidated.

If you are going to try tying classic wet flies, there is a lot of good information on this DVD and the way Mister Bastian presents it is clear and well demonstrated.

I did encounter a couple of problems with the DVD. I don't suggest you watch the whole thing at once, two or three flies at a time is plenty. Mister Bastian speaks in a rather monotone voice. His enthusiasm for tying classic wet flies is evident in the flies that he ties, but not in his presentation style. In a couple of instances the tying steps disappear into the light colored shirt Mister Bastian is wearing during the demonstration.

That being said, I do recommend his DVD for all the good information and detailed techniques he presents in an easy to understand way. ~ Vicki Eagle Elk

Tying Classic Wet Flies
Don Bastian
1740 St. Michael's Road
Cogan Station, PA 17728-8678
$20.00 USA

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