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June 23rd, 2003

Luxury Fishing Resorts

By Michael Caldwell
Published By Lifestyle Publishing Group,
3956 Town Center Blvd, Suite 103, Orlando, FL 32837

Reviewed by Deanna Birkholm

Author Michael Caldwell undertook a huge chore. Pick the top twenty world-class fishing AND first-class resort living places in North America. He has done so, with class.

The places covered with in-depth profiles, from Baranof Island, Alaska to Saskatchewan are each illustrated with terrific color photography showing the place, the people, the fishing, the facilities, the cuisine, guest comments and directions.

front cover

The winners are: (listed alphabetically - no favoritism)

    Baranoff Wilderness Lodge, Baranof Island, Alaska

    Buffalo Creed Ranch, Rand, Colorado

    Delaware River Club, Starlight, Pennsylvania

    Firehole Ranch, West Yellowstone, Montana

    Fishing Unlimited Lodge, Lake Clark, Alaska

    Flathead Lake Lodge, Flathead Lake, Montana

    Hawk Lake Lodge, Hawk Lake, Ontario

    Krogs Kamp on The Kenai, Soldotna, Alaska

    Minor Bay Lodge, Wollaston Lake, Saskatchewan

    Redoubt Mountain Lodge, Crescent Lake, Alaska

    Ruby Springs Lodge, Sheridan, Montana

    Selwyn Lake Lodge, Selwyn Lake, Saskatchewan

    Sonara Resort, Sonora Island, British Columbia

    Spotted Bear Ranch, Flathead River, Montana

    Spotted Horse Ranch, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

    Three Rivers Ranch, Warm River, Idaho

    West Coast Fishing Club, Queen Charlotte Islands

    Wits End Guest Ranch, Bayfield Colorado

    Wood River Lodge, Agulowak River, Alaska

    Yes Bay Lodge, Yes Bay, Alaska

Contact Information for each resort, including addresses, phone, email and websites are also given in the book.

I had a nice conversation with the author, Michael Caldwell, and I questioned a couple of his choices as 'luxury.' He readily admitted his choices were personal, and may not fit what others see as luxury. He claimed luxury doesn't necessarily mean the finest accommodations or gourmet food (although many of the places listed do fit that description) but the remoteness, privacy or uniqueness of a resort may make the difference. Several of Michael's choices are reachable only by plane.

One of the larger of the resorts which made Michael's list is the Flathead Lake Lodge, near Big Fork, Montana. JC and I have been privileged to know the Averill family which founded and continues to run this great resort, and were guests of the Averills several times. After reading Michael's description carefully, he did not overstate one single thing. The place has been host to several Presidents who fished, and we remember well when the first President George Bush was a guest at the Lodge (something about black helicopters flying overhead) when we were living in Big Fork.

I would expect the the rest of the resorts are covered as well - and honestly as the Flathead Lake Lodge.

I had not heard of several of the places listed - so perhaps there are wonderful places you can discover as well. It's nice to know these places exist, and cater to fishermen!

back cover

One for your coffee table, start making your 'wish-list.' ~ DLB

Luxury Fishing Resorts
Michael Caldwell
Hardcover 175 pages, all color
Lifestyle Publishing Group
Orlando, Fl 32837
$50.00 US
ISBN 0-9692129-4-1

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