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May 26, 2003

Hot Bass Flies

By Deke Meyer
Published By Frank Amato Publications

Reviewed by Deanna Birkholm

Hot Bass Flies is very new - and very good. We've seen a ton of trout pattern books, this one puts many of those to shame.

The big name patterns are there - with the recipes, as well as flies from unknown tiers who are experts on their home waters - and who are willing to share their secrets. Many of the exceptional bass flies have never before been in print. But the approach of the book is different. The photo of the fly with the ingredients of course, and "Notes". The Notes range from suggestions of other color combinations or materials, a new way to make a weed guard to how to fish the fly. Indeed as the sub-title reads "Patterns & Tactics from the Experts." It is delightful reading.

Hot Bass Flies is laid out in sections covering specific types of flies:




    Floating Divers

    Floating Critters

    Fly-Rod Spinnerbaits


    Subsurface Flies

    Australian Native Bass

    Commercial Sources (for materials)

I was surprised to find the Fly-Rod Spinnerbait section, and while it isn't a big section, it was interesting to see the transition from spinning baits to flies. My favorite section is all about Crayfish - the variations on the theme is amazing. One of the most interesting flies is Lynch's B'wana's Mop Fly. Interested in BIG bass? Learn to tie that one!

The fly photography is by the author with excellent fly plates by Jim Schollmeyer.

If you are a serious bass angler, this is one book you must have! ~ DLB

Hot Bass Flies
Deke Meyer
Softcover 134 pages, all color
Frank Amato Publications
$24.95 US
ISBN 1-57188-285-5

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