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May 24th, 2004

A concise history of
By Glen Law
Published by Lyons Press
Guilford, CT

Reviewed by James Castwell

What a fun read. Not quite a time-line, but close. Definitely one of those books I just don't want to end. A 'page-turner' but one I took several days to digest. The amount of information is staggering but related in such a chronological order that it is hard to stop at any place, including the end of chapters.

As each element of the discovery of flyfishing was born both parents were there and Glen Law serves us now as mid-wife. The absolute logical progression of our sport is outlined and validated in a very personable narrative. Exceedingly clean writing, perfectly outlined and professionally presented, this book should be required reading for any serious practitioner of our recreation.

When one begins to understand where we came from, how far we have come and how we got here, somehow flyfishing starts to make sense. I know this book has filled in gaps and stages for me and I am sure it will help you enjoy flyfishing even more too.

Here is a quote from Lefty Kreh. "I found it by far the best book on the history of flyfishing I'd ever read." Not good enough for you? Here's another one. From me. "Me to." Take my word on this one, look for it, buy it, and enjoy.

Glen Law is a writer and book editor, and was for many years the editor-in-chief of Florida Sportsman Magazine. His work has appeared in nearly every outdoors publication. ~ JC

A concise history of FLY FISHING
Glen Law
Soft cover 175 pages
Published by Lyons Press
Guilford, CT
$17.95 paperback US
ISBN 1-59228-061-7

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