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May 23rd, 2005

Fly Tying For Beginners
By Randall Kaufmann

Reviewed by James Castwell

A few days ago I was in a fly shop, (where else you might ask) waiting for a guy to finish a phone call. I had not been in this place before and so was giving it a good visual once over. Fun to do every time I get a chance. On the wall to my right was a row of wire racks with about ten feet of various books, most of which I was more than familiar with. Except one. This one.

I have tried for some years now to help the guy just starting out. Our sport is confusing enough when you have been at it for years, but can easily discourage a newbee in a heartbeat. Especially when it comes to tying flies. There are a few pretty good books out for them, but I am always ready to give a nod to anything new. This is not new, (2002) just new to me. No idea how I missed this thing, but at least I can bring it to you now.

The beginner is already intimidated, no need to produce a huge book and scare him off forever. This is just about right, 64 nice shinny pages, easy to read print and more than adequate pictures.

Here is a shot of page 39, it has some of the pictures needed to tie a nymph. Clear, simple instructions. Many of us feel we have moved well beyond the flies and methods Randall Kaufmann so nicely presents here. Perhaps, then again, maybe not.

Author Randall Kaufmann I do know this. If you are yourself new to the game or know someone who is, you have my opinion on this, the book will get you started and started very well. About two dozen flies are detailed, step by step along with several pages of types and styles of flies and methods of tying. Included are pictures and information on materials, feathers, hair and all the normal things used in fly tying. One feature is the price, the low price, $12.95 How about that? About time someone produced a darn good book at a very fair cost for the beginner. Know a friend who is just getting into tying? This is the book for him. ~ JC

Fly Tying For Beginners
Randall Kaufmann
Western Fisherman's Press
P.O. Box 357
Moose, Wyoming 83012
400 concise macro color photos
64 pages
ISBN: 1-885212-20-8

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