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May 16th, 2005

Successful Fly Patterns for Fishing the Upper Delaware (DVD)
With Ken Tutalo

Reviewed by Charlie Place (Host Charlie)

Successful Fly Patterns for Fishing the Upper Delaware, (DVD) is a down-to-earth look at what flies a successful guide uses to make his living on the Upper Delaware. There are tying instructions for ten winning flies broken up into ten chapters on the hour long DVD. Ken's demonstrations are, clear, up close, easy to follow and the hooks and materials needed are listed before each pattern is tied. There are also written tips on how to fish each fly included with the DVD.

"Delaware Baby Brown: This is a big streamer that catches big fish. This pattern is most effective during the spring and whenever the water is high and turbid. Cast to the banks and areas with heavy structure. This fly is best retrieved in sharp jerks followed by a few second pauses. This retrieve is a dead ringer for a small wounded fish."

(He is not kidding. I have first hand knowledge.)

I recommend Successful Fly Patterns for Fishing the Upper Delaware because, not only is it a chance to peak in a winning guide's fly box, but there's a bonus that comes with it. I can just pick up the phone, call the Baxter House, and ask for Ken if I have a question about tying or fishing one of his flies. Alternatively, I could just stop by when I'm in Roscoe and maybe even get a live demo. Even if you don't tie, these flies are worth knowing about and besides it's enjoyable just watching Ken tie.

The flies are:

    K.T. Hammer Midge
    P.S. Spinner
    Sulfur Stillborn
    K.T. Flash Pupa
    EZ Cased Caddis
    Coffin Fly
    B.H. Soft Hackle
    Delaware Baby Brown (my favorite)
    Ken's Drake
    Ice Caddis.

Note: I've talked to three fishing buddies that have this DVD. They all like it and are already tying flies from it. ~ Charlie

Successful Fly Patterns for Fishing the Upper Delaware (DVD)
Ken Tutalo
Available at
Or phone 1-607-498-5811
Copywrite 2004 Subtext Productions.

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