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April 17th, 2006

In Search of a Rising Tide
A Bone Fishing DVD
By Jamie Howard (Howard Films)

Reviewed by James Castwell

I know, I am nuts about the things but, you would be too if you ever get a chance to go after them. Remember, I am a 'trout' guy just like some of the rest of you. Some panfish, but mostly small flies for small trout and then on to salmon out here on the west coast. So why do I mention that? Some will say that fly fishing for bonefish is not like actual fly fishing. I suppose I might agree with them. Whether or not they have done it doesn't matter. It is not like 'normal' fly fishing. Let me try to explain in some way that might keep you reading for just a few more lines.

Let me start with a known element, a dry fly fished to a rising trout in a stream about two feet deep. You see the rise, try to match the hatch, make your cast a bit upstream of where you think the fish might be, or take it, watch the fly as it drifts down to where he should/might eat the thing and then pick it up after it has passed beyond him and do it all over again. About right? Kind of like sight hunting.

Now let's try for a bonefish (they do not 'rise'). You see a fish moving slowly along in about 24 inches of water, you match the food (shrimp fly probably), make a cast ahead of him, but here it gets tricky. You need to cast far enough ahead of him (remember, he is moving) so your fly can drop the two feet to the bottom (they are bottom feeders), but not too far ahead because they rarely swim in a straight path, so you can jerk the fly a bit as he gets near it, but not too fast or you will spook him, and hope he gobbles it up. When he turns away right before he gets to where your fly was, or ignores it, or picks it up and spits it out, or whatever, you pick it up and try to make another cast ahead of him. That is if he is still around, you can see him, he is not under the boat or three hundred yards away, or you have no idea of where he went (most probable).

Back to the trout. He rises, chomps your fly and you play him and land him and release him. (Yawn... )

The bonefish has chomped your fly. You have coils of fly line laying around that you had been stripping in. He takes that instantly, heads for an adjoining zip code and puts himself on your now smokin' reel, (if the line is not tangled on a boat cleat, your shoe laces, your toes, other stuff, mangrove shoots (if you are out of the boat and wading), your wrist watch, parts of your rod and or reel, something else the fish gods have come up with to make your life miserable.

Like I said, there is a difference. Now about this DVD. I have watched a heck of a lot of shows on TV about bone fishing, loved them all. Laughed at some parts, but vicariously fished right along with the guys and enjoyed the whole event. This is not like that.

How can one be different from all the others? Quality of filming for starters. There is nothing in this class. Period. This is over the top when it comes to professional. You will understand when you see the difference.

Secondly, it is not about some guru taking another celebrity out fishing. Nope, it is about the Bahamians themselves. The fellows who got it all started, the Bahamians. A terrific concept and my hat is off to Mr. Howard for the most excellent job and idea. Well done sir. The best, and I doubt it will ever be equaled, unless by yourself and crew.

Pretty strong praise from me, but, I mean every word. The title is In Search of a Rising Tide. In it you will see casting and fly fishing like you have never seen - anywhere. If you want a lesson in casting, simply pay attention, it's all there for free. Bone-fishing knowledge and wisdom are scattered all through the twenty-five minutes of the best presentation of its kind ever. $20 is a most fair price. Even if you don't bonefish. If you like wonderfully filmed fishing situations. If you are starting to collect a few DVD's. Whatever the reason or excuse. You should have a copy of this. I do and am pleased to be able to give this report. And he has others too. On Tarpon.

You can see some clips from In Search of a Rising Tide HERE ~ JC

In Search of a Rising Tide
By Jamie Howard (Howard Films)
DVD, running time 25 minutes
Howard Films
Price: $20.00 US, plus shipping
Available from: Howard Films

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