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March 29th, 1999

Reeling in Russia
By Fen Montaigne
St. Martin's Press,
175 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10010 Phone: 212-674-5151.

This is a facinating read. I don't expect to ever be able to fish in Russia, yet I've seen the articles and the photos of wonderful Salmon too.

Reeling in Russia is most likely as close as I've ever get. But the idea certainly is intriguing. The author, Fen Montaignehen did have abnormally unusual assess to Russia. His many years as a former Moscow correspondent who speaks fluent Russian, not doubt opened doors others could not.

I asked our friend Brad Buehrer who was Manager of the Umba River Lodge on the Kola Penninsula in the former Soviet Union, for his impressions of Reeling in Russia.

"Fen Montaigne understands Russia as well as any Westerner can. His book, Reeling in Russia is right on the mark."

"I speak from experience, having managed a salmon fishing camp, The Umba River Lodge, on the Kola Peninsula, for three years."

"The author's love of the country and it's people leaps right off the page at you. Even with its enormous problems, Russia is still a place of beauty and bountiful natural resources."

"Traveling and fishing about Russia as Fen Montaigne did is not an option for most of us. As he explains it is very frustrating and can be very dangerious.

"Hopefully you will get to experience Russia some day, but if not, this book is the next best way." ~ Brad Buehrer

Travel Route

The actual fishing trip lasted a hundred days, and took the author on a seven- thousand-mile overland journey. He fished for Atlantic Salmon on the Kola Peninsula, pike on the Volga River, taimen in Suberia, and artic grayling and char in the Russian Far East. He didn't always catch fish. But it is a humorous and very moving account of the Russia that exists today.

Reeling in Russia is hardbound, 275 pages, without photos (you can only imagine what other dire problems would have happened if the author had tried.) It is elegantly written, and left me wishing I had been there with him. It sells for $24.95, ISBN: 0-312-18595-2. ~ DB

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