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March 8th, 2004


By Randall Kaufmann
Published by Western Fisherman's Press
P.O. Box 357, Moose, Wyoming 83012

Reviewed by James Castwell

This will not be an easy review to write. In fact I have already called the author and complimented him on it, not a thing I often do. Most books have something wrong with them, makes for easy evaluation. Not so, this one. Perhaps because of my deep interest in the main subject I was able to stay riveted page by page, finding agreement with each and every statement he made.

Oh, sure I suppose if I worked really hard I could find something I did not agree with, but that is not how I judge books. It's not how much is wrong, but rather, how much is right. Trust me, this author knows his bonz. You can take this as fact. In my opinion, if you are even contemplating going after bonefish, no matter where, get this book.

Bonefishing will be one of the most important parts of your arsenal. It is not a luxury, it is a necessity. It will not cost you, it will save you. It will definitely improve any bone-fishing trip you may go on. I would love to give you one of the many short stories from the book but that might spoil them for you. Well written, accurate, humorous.

Here, however is one quote you can take to heart: "Fly fishing for bonefish is easy. It does not require mythical prowess or exceptional angling skills. It is mush less complicated and technical than fly fishing for trout. Neophyte anglers often hook bonefish on thier first adventure." This book tells you where, when, and how to do it.

There is information on how to fish and where to fish. From the Bahamas to Cuba to Belize to Christmas Island and beyond, it's all there.

I was surprised by the depth of pictures. Pictures depicting things relevant to the subject, not just random shots of nice fish and sunsets. My congratulations to Brian O'Keefe who is most responsible for them.

You may find it at your local fly-shop, but if not you can get it directly from the author. Again, I realize I have not revealed much of the content, I want it all to be new and fresh for you when you get your copy. I have many other books on the subject, none are in Kaufmann's class.

Even if you only think you may someday be interested in the sport, check this one out and see why so many of us are addicted to bonz. ~ JC

Randall Kaufmann
Hard cover 415 pages, all color
Size: 9" x 11 1/2"
Published by Western Fisherman's Press
P.O. Box 357, Moose, Wyoming 83012
$79.95 US
ISBN 1-885212-13-5

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