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February 3rd, 2008

Tying and Fishing Soft Hackled Nymphs
By Allen McGee

Reviewed by Ron Eagle Elk

Book cover

Last year was my self-imposed wet fly year. I was going to tie only wet flies and fish wet flies and wet flies alone. I did this so I could become a better wet fly fisherman. Besides swinging and dead drifting a lot of wet flies, I also read volumes by fly tying and fly fishing greats from W.C. Stewart to Dave Hughes. All in an effort to be a better fisherman, period.

Now that 2007 is past I finally find the Holy Grail of wet fly tying and fishing books. Tying and Fishing Soft–Hackled Nymphsby Allen Mcgee is worth it's weight in gold for the soft hackle fan. Don't let the name fool you, yes there are some nymphs in the book, but the old standbys are there too, along with newer flies. For the new tier and fisher of wet flies, the section on materials and their selection is full of solid information and beautiful color photographs.

In the how–to section on tying there is information for well experienced tiers as well as the newby including everything from dubbing methods to tying in and winding hackle. This section is so well demonstrated in clear color photographs that making a mistake would take some doing.

The pattern list, again, full of beautiful color photos, features old stand-bys as well as innovative new flies. There is something about a simple, flowing wet fly that just strikes me as elegant. This large section of flies proves the point.

Chapter 3 is about wet fly fishing equipment, from rods to leader formulas for those who tie their own leaders or would like to. Looks like I may be trying a Bergman leader or two.

The remainder of the book, almost half of it, is about ways to present and fish the flies, and how to select flies under different conditions. That saying about not being able to teach an old dog new tricks, well at 61 I may be an old dog, but I picked up several new tricks from this books on presenting a wet fly. This is a well written and illustrated with even more color photos and very well done color illustrations that reinforce the written word.

If your new to soft hackle flies, do yourself a favor and read this book. If you've been tying and fishing wets for some time, read the book. Your sure to improve as a wet fly tier and fisherman.

Allen's book is published by Frank Amato Publication, Inc, measures 8 ½ X 11 inches and has 95 pages of information and great photos and illustrations. Tying and Fishing Soft–Hackled Nymphs is easily worth the price of $24.95. ~ REE

Tying and Fishing Soft Hackled Nymphs
By Allen McGee
8 ½ x 11" format
Softbound 95 pages
ISBN: 978-1-57188-403-9
Price: $24.95 US
Published by Frank Amato Publications
Portland, Oregon 97282
Phone: 800-541-9498

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