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December 8th, 2008

Till Death or Fly Fishing Do Us Part
By Tom Pero

Reviewed by James Castwell

Book cover

It is not an easy thing, creating yet another book about fly fishing and having it be actually new. Yet, Tom Pero has done just that. He has collected a delightful assortment from folks we just do not normally hear from and has done it very pleasantly.

The book is a group of eight essays exposing the reality of couples trying to live through fly fishing without self-destructing. They point out, sometimes very amusingly, how an obsession with our recreation can effect the romantic relationships of otherwise normal folks. Perhaps the word 'tragicomic' was coined especially with this work in mind.

If you think you understand the term 'fishing widow,' think again. Let Georgene explain it all for you. Then there is Jennifer telling her side. Four ladies, three gents and wrapping it up, Tom himself with a finale essay drawn from his own tribulations. All in all, a good read. Unimportant but fun. Delightful to see in today's market. ~ JC

Till Death or Fly Fishing Do Us Part
By Tom Pero
158 pages, 8 1/2 x 11, hardcover
Cute black and white illustrations
ISBN: 978-097464278-9
Published by: Wild River Press

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