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Wind River Black Canyon Gear Bag

by James Castwell

"It is hard to find quality gear
"Made in the USA" at an affordable price.
Our Mission at Wind River is to deliver just that.
The highest quality Gear at the most affordable price - period!"

Pretty hard to get any better than that. Not easy to find either, perhaps not at all. But they have done it. At least in my opinion Wind River has with this bag. Some time ago they sent me one to 'field test,' "really wring it out Jim," he said. For some reason he seemed to think all I did was go fishing. I tried to explain that I do get out but not as often as some others might. "Nope, I want your opinion." Well, so here we go. My opinion. The only problem I have is this. To do a full and complete job of it would take a few years. How am I supposed to be able to tell you if it will last for the rest of your days on the stream?

For that matter, how can I tell you if the removable pouch (that cleverly velcro's to the front) will do everything you want it to? Will it double as a fanny pack when you take it off with you once you're at your location without having to dig out stuff from inside the bag? Will you have loaded it with exactly the items you need for the day? You might not get it right, then where would I be. See, this is not going to be easy.

It does hold a lot though, zips open, drops down and has lots of nifty little areas for interesting things we all pack around with us. The main bag does have a waterproof bottom. That's nice, I usually end up with a soggy-bottomed bag shortly upon entering even a perfectly dry boat somehow. You might notice the big white area on top in one of the pictures. That is a plastic tray with a piece of magnetic material on one end. It's for tying flies on. You can bring it up from the bottom (where it normally resides) to the top. Inside the top there is a separate mesh bag. Looks like I can put some tying things in that. Or papers, or maps. Or, or, or...

Like any decent bag, it has several hook and closure 'pieces' for our 'individual' arrangement of things inside. Nice. They actually are well designed I will say. You can't see these from the pictures but there are a couple of those hook and closure straps on the back of the bag too, big wide ones. They are for lashing your rod tubes to the back of the bag; carry the whole rig at one time, supposedly without dropping your rods for a change.

Oh sure, it's made of great stuff, they would not have it any other way. Perfect stitching, and workmanship of course as well. Good sized pouches on each end which you can see in the pictures. So far I have only had it on one trip, so I feel a bit inadequate trying to give a very in-depth report, so I won't. I will say this though. It is my bag from now on. Don't ask to borrow it, go buy your own Wind River Black Canyon Gear Bag. ~ JC

Wind River
5610 County Road 1
Erie, CO 80516
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