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Rod Holders That Work

by James Castwell

Some time back I fiddled with a few magnets to see if I could rig up something that would help keep our fly rods on top of the car. Not for when we are on the road but when we are parked. My habit is to rig up the rods and lay them on top of the car while we are getting the rest of our gear set to go, waders or whatever. This is a very dangerous practice as even a slight breeze can slide them off and onto the ground. So far nothing I have been able to create has been of much help.

While at the Denver Fly Show I found an outfit called Tight Line Enterprises. All kinds of magnets and suction-cup things for the very purpose. Now I didn't get any of the big items, just had no need for them, but got four little 'C' shaped blocks that have some really strong magnets imbedded into each end. The idea is they will stick to my car roof and hold the rod. I figured it would take two per rod, thus the four magnetic blocks.

They showed me also how these are so strong I can use only one on the side of the car door and by placing it between the handle and the first stripping guide, hold the rod vertically with the reel off the ground. Not a bad idea either.

At the 'Fish-In' in Idaho we tried them out and found they work just dandy, as advertised and them some. I think they told me the name of the fancy stuff the magnets are made of, but whatever it is it works like heck.

When we get back to the car from the stream we lay the rods on the roof and hold them there with the magnets. I also toss my car keys on the roof at the same time, that way I can't drive off with the rods up there. The price is about seven bucks each, I think they may be well worth that, or a whole lot more if they prevent a tragedy.

They have a web site, or can be reached at 918.231.0934 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. ~ JC

9014 S. Gary
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74137
Phone: 918-231-0934
Fax: 918-299-2712

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