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Ronn Lucas Sr's. Spey Hackles

by Thomas C. Duncan, Sr.

Magnificant Spey Fly

Spey Flies The evolution of Spey Hackles is an interesting phenomenon. Since the illegalization of the coveted Heron hackles, multiple feathers have been sought out to be used for the long, flowing hackles that characterize the traditional Spey fly. The standard is currently Blue-Eared Pheasant, which is a delightful feather, but is occasionally brittle. Schlappen has been used, but it does not have the length to properly hackle a large Spey fly, and does not flow properly to the rear of the hook. Burnt Spey hackles are nice, too, but can be a bit difficult to find, and not necessarily in the colours we want. The wonderful action of Marabou is countered by the difficulty of tying with the floppy feathers. Who is going to find a solution to this problem?

Spey Hackle and Bronze Mallard

Spey Fly Ronn Lucas, Sr., that's who! Ronn, the materials genius who has brought us Iridescent Dubbing, Gocha!, and other innovative materials has developed a hackle which makes some of the most lovely Spey flies I have seen. In a rather simple manner, Ronn strips fibres from the sides of Peacock quills, treats and dyes them, and provides to the market a remarkable hackle that will be of interest to every Salmon and Steelhead tyer.

Spey Hackle and Spey Fly

Brilliant Colors

These do not replace Heron hackle in the sense that they look anything like the "original." These hackles retain the original iridescent mottling of the quill, and the colours provide brilliance to any fly. These are truly groundbreaking materials that will certainly take the tying world by storm. They can be described in words, but to little valuable effect, as, like any Peacock material, they must be seen to be believed.

Fine detail Ronn Lucas Sr's. Spey Hackles may be acquired by emailing Ronn. A catalogue detailing all his tying products is also available on request. ~ TD

Ronn Lucas, Sr.
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Milwaukie OR 97267
Phone: (503) 654-0466
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