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Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Trout Line
by Steve Zweber (Z)

New fly lines come out all the time; I usually don't pay attention. I have lines that I like and couldn't understand how a "new and improved" line could help my fishing. So it was with some skepticism that I tried out the new Mastery Series Trout line from Scientific Anglers.

Mastery Series Trout Line

First impressions mean a lot; I loaded the WF-5 floating line on an old medium action 5wt rod to try some lawn casting. In short casting it handled very well, it went where I pointed it and laid out straight. What surprised me was how it went through the guides… this line wants to go! Next was a trip to the lake, using a faster rod this time, after a few false casts I was pleased to see the line shoot out with little effort on my part. This line feels slick and it is! It mends in the air with ease; it lifts off the water smoothly and forms a nice loop that lays out the leader perfectly.

The next morning I hiked into a high mountain lake, with snow surrounding the shoreline I felt this was the perfect place to see how the line performed in the cold. I was happy to see the line didn't coil on the water as I pulled it off the reel and the slickness while casting was still there. The line floated very high, the tip didn't sink and the wind was able to move it across the surface.

When I went to clean the line I noticed that it had accumulated very little dirt. I know this line had been "street" cast, lawn cast and had at least eight hours of casting on water. The AST coating works as advertised, it's very slick, floats great and doesn't pick up dirt.

Scientific Anglers "new and improved" Mastery Series Trout Line is just that, new, and very much improved. I will be purchasing this line for all my trout rods.

Scientific Anglers
3M Scientific Anglers
3M Center, Building 223-4NE
St. Paul, MN 55144-1000
Call 1-800-525-6290 for the location of your nearest dealer.

For more details visit their web site at: 3M Scientific Anglers
~ Steve Zweber

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