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Wulff Triangle Tapered Lines

by Al Campbell

I have to admit that I wasn't totally impressed with the castability of the first Triangle Tapered line I tried. I tried a 2/3wt TT on my #3 Gatti rod and was so convinced it was a poor casting line I was ready to give it up totally. Then, I talked to James Castwell and he let me in on a little secret that changed everything.

It seems the TT lines are designed to cast great on all sorts of rods if you choose the right line for your specific rod. For a rod as stiff and fast as a #3 Gatti, I should have been using a 3/4wt line instead of the 2/3. If the rod had been softer, say a traditional #3 Diamondback, Winston or maybe a Scott, the #2/3 would have been ok, but not on a fast rod like a Gatti. As soon as I switched to the #3/4 line, everything changed. Now it casts like a dream.

Triangle Taper lines have long been considered the finest roll casting lines available, but the thing I was most impressed with is the way you can control the loop during traditional casting. Even a relative newcomer to casting will notice an improvement in his form with this line.

OK, let me dissect things a little further. How did it cast at certain distances and how did it compare to more traditional lines like double taper and weight forward? Once I got the line size right, I was able to really test the line.

Roll casting was a breeze. That 3/4 line was able to outcast (roll cast) a #5 double taper line I had on a spool and tried on a 9ft Sage RPL. It had more control, achieved greater distance and was easier to cast than the double tapered line. Heck, we all knew TT lines roll cast great anyway, so this wasn't a real challenge.

Distance? I was able to beat it by about 10 feet with the premium weight forward line I had been using. Notice I said 10 feet? That isn't a big difference for a line that lands your fly with the delicacy of a double tapered line. It does give your fly a more delicate landing than a weight forward with about the same distance capability. I'll buy that.

Short casts were as precise as any other line I own can deliver. A 20ft cast to a teacup isn't out of the question unless the wind is blowing the way it does so often here in South Dakota. It's a good choice for the guy who wants to land a small dry fly precisely without sinking the fly with the hard landing a weight forward line offers.

Line control is superb. If you want to impress the folks who are watching you, this is a good line. The loops it creates on the forward and back casts are picture perfect. Accuracy is excellent too. A good line for anyone needing more control than his traditional weight forward or double tapered line allows.

Like I said at first, I wasn't impressed until I got the line size right. Once I switched to the right line size, I was more than impressed. If you're looking to buy one of these lines, buy the higher line number of the dual rating unless you are using a very soft rod. In other words, if you have a 4wt rod, buy the 4/5 line. You'll be impressed and so will the people watching you.~Al Campbell

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