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Purell Hand Sanitizer

by George E. Emanuel

We are all aware of the difficulty in maintaining sanitary habits while fishing, what with all manner of parasites in the stream, and on the fish, not to mention germs associated with normal bodily functions.

We often go on stream with a sandwich in one pocket and toilet paper in another.

It is all but impossible to wash our hands while enjoying our favorite waters. Even if we are foolish enough to carry a bar of soap, where are we going to get "clean" water? If we wash up in the stream, we are using water of unknown quality, and even if it was pure, our soap would certainly pollute it.

Now the little "toweletts" may do in a pinch, but I have huge hands, and would need a whole box of the darn things. They also do not self-destruct, so now, after using them, we have another piece of trash.

A friend came across a product called Purell while standing in the check out line of a local sporting goods store a few weeks ago.

This is a great product! It is especially valuable to fly fishers, or any outdoorsman for that matter.

It states on the label that it kills 99.99% of all common germs, without water, or even a towel.

You simply put a dime sized drop in your hand and "wash" them with the product. It will dry as it is used and leaves your hands clean, and smelling great too! Hey, how would you like your peanut butter sandwich to smell like fish, or worse?

The bottle this stuff comes in is about the same size as a line dressing bottle or the smallest size of bug repellent, thus it takes up very little room in your vest.

You can get information regarding its chemical makeup from their website.

At $1.49 per bottle (2 oz) it is the cheapest peace of mind you can take with you, no matter where you travel.

For more information, check their web site. ~George E. Emanuel

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