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Mageyes™ / Hateyes™ Product Review
by Al Campbell

No matter what anyone tells you, aging isn't a graceful proposition. A few years ago something started to happen to my arms. They started to grow short. When visiting a restaurant, I had to hold the menu out at arm's length to read it. Tying a fly to the tippet was a joke. Sometimes it took 20 tries to thread the tippet through the hook eye, and then I had to thread it through that little loop at the hook eye to finish the knot. If I could focus on the project, it was too far away to get the job done. You young guys don't want to laugh too hard; your time's coming.

About a month ago, I was joking about my short arms with Jim Siegle, a friend and product representative who has some of the same problems with his arms. He said he could arrange for me to try a product called Hateyes™ that would solve my problems. Funny thing though, Hateyes™ work on your vision, not your arms. It doesn't matter though; they solved my problem. He also sent me a set of Mageyes™ to try on other projects like fly tying and reading small print on boxes and film labels. Both items work great for people with arms that keep growing shorter with each passing year.

Hateyes™ clip to the bill of your hat or cap and fold down to magnify objects at a distance of about one foot. They have a metal frame and can be purchased with interchangeable lenses that vary in strength from 1.6X to 2.75X magnification. Right now the 1.6X version is just right, but in about 10 years, I might need something in the 2X plus range just to see to tie a fly to my tippet.

At first, I had a problem using the Hateyes™ with short-billed caps. When I folded the lens flat under the bill of the cap, it touched my forehead. That wouldn't work. I tried a variety of ways to resolve the problem including a couple that risked setting myself on fire in the hot sun, but nothing seemed to work. I wasn't very thrilled with the new product and I told Jim about the problem.
The solution is/was a simple one. I guess my common sense is slipping along the same lines as my vision. Don't fold the lenses flat under your cap. Fold them under so the arm stays bent. Then the lens will clear the opening of the cap and you'll still be able to see normally.

So far, I've used my hat eyes to read the fine print on a box, remove a sliver from my finger and tie flies on my leader. I wish I had been using them a couple of years ago. It would have given me more fishing time and less time cussing my short arms and knot skills.

HatEyes Suggested Retail is $24.95 US

MagEyes are a similar product that uses the same lenses that fit HatEyes. The difference is they have a band that fits around your head, and a frame that holds the lenses that can be adjusted to focus where you need it. They also come with an optional loupe lens that magnifies objects up to 7 times for very close details.

They are great for tying flies and anything else you need to see close-up. Both tools are just what the doctor ordered for my aging eyes and shrinking arms.

MagEyes Suggested Retail is $34.95 US.

If you want more information, visit or call them at 1-800-210-6662. Their address is:

MagEyes, Inc.
P.O. box 293010
Kerrville, Texas 78029-3010

If you're a retailer looking to add them to your sales, contact Jim Siegle at He can get you set up with the right combination to make your customers happy. ~ AC

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