Product Reviews

by James Castwell

My first one tasted like copper and made me drool a bit. And it was heavy, hurt my teeth and did not put the light exactly where I wanted it. But what the heck, it was my first flashlight for fishing at night. You know, tying on flies, fixing leaders and all the other things which always go astray when the sun goes down. That was admittedly over half a century (the 'dark' ages) ago.

Modern science has indeed kept pace and now I can see things better thanks to these nifty little gadgets, LEDHEDZ.

The main problem over the years was this. If the light (mouth held) was bright enough to see any thing, it was just too darn heavy. If it was small it didn't cast enough light to see to 'strike a match.' In time someone invented that goose-neck thing which clipped on or stuck out of you vest pocket. Better, but still not always the right tool for the job, although it did save on one's teeth.

And now someone has finally invented the right thing for the job. Two different sizes of lights, both of which clip onto the brim of your hat, or a tent flap. One has three bulbs and settings, the other only one. They both can be turned on solid or just held on with a pinch of the fingers. I am sure you are familiar with the brightness of the light today's things can produce and these are no exception. Plenty of light and right where you want it and in the correct amount. Lightweight, super bright, darn near water-proof and convenient.

You may find many uses for these things, camping, hiking, pet walking, fishing, or trying to see what is on your plate at a night-time camping meal. Bright enough to see a trail with or on the stream. We have both. Darn glad we do. Look for them at your favorite fly shop or from Seattle Sports Company. The LEDHedz HighBeam weighs 2.75 oz and retails for $27.95, the LEDHedz MicroLamp weighs a mere .5 oz. and is $12.95.

Someone have a gift list? ~ JC

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