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Korkers Torrent River Runner and Swift Sandal

by Steve Zweber, Ellensburg, WA (Z)

Korkers Amphibian series uses their "Omnitrax Interchangeable Sole Technology," making it possible to change soles for six different conditions, (Lug Trail, Felt, Studded Felt, Aquastealth, Golf and Siped Boat Deck). Both the Torrent and the Swift offer quick tie laces and heel adjustment straps making it very easy to fit them properly and assure that they won't slip off while wading or hiking. Both of these products provide a great alternative to wearing heavy wading boots.

The Torrent River Runner is a low cut wading/hiking shoe made with mesh sides and tops for quick drying. They also offer full toe and heal coverage.

The Swift Sandal is an open sandal style that features a water resistant suede and neoprene side and top. Open at the toes, it provides protection with a raised front.

Korkers Torrent River Runner

I had the pleasure of first using the Torrent on a hiking/fishing trip I took a few weeks ago. The shoe was very comfortable for hiking and the lug soles provided very secure footing on the trail. After a few miles of hiking it was time to fish. I chose to remove the shoes and switch over to studded felt soles. I found later that it is quite easy to change the soles with the shoes still on your feet.

The soles are remarkably easy to change. The front part of the sole slips in below the toe section of the shoe, the sides then clip in with the aid of a golf spike tool that is provided. The heels are secured with a rubber strap that slips over a button on the back of the shoe. It takes more time to describe then it does to change the soles over. Once in place the soles are very secure and I experienced no slipping. The studded felt performed as it should, providing secure footing on slippery rocks.

Korkers Swift Sandal The Swift Sandal I used on an evening float down the local river. I used the standard felt for this as the studs can slip in the boat bottom. Again, the soles switched over with ease. It was very enjoyable to wear lightweight sandals and shorts instead of waders and boots on a very warm evening. The sandals provided very good toe protection with the front toe guard, though you should always be aware that your feet are still exposed and take extra measures to avoid injury.

Both of these products, the Torrent Shoe ($94.95) and the Swift Sandal ($84.95) come with your choice of two soles. The soles are interchangeable as long as the shoe sizes are the same.

Overall, both of these products exceeded my expectations. The concept and design of the interchangeable sole works perfect, the stitching and materials used for manufacture are of high quality, the laces and heel strap provide a secure and comfortable fit.

If you do any wet wading and are tired of wearing your heavy wading boots or an old pair of sneakers I highly recommend either the Swift Sandal or the Torrent River Runner shoes from Korkers Amphibian Series. ~ Steve Zweber (Z)

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