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Action Optics


by Mamma Kate Reust

Okay .... so when I went looking for fishing glasses, my main criteria was simple:

1. Affordable
2. Affective.
3. A trusted name.

Searching through the specialty stores and not so specialty stores some 'glaring' items came up. The hunt for Polarized sun glasses for the FAOL Fish-In was NOT going to be simple. Lots of brands that have lots of flash, lots of price, and little practicality for someone gearing up for a major fishing trip!

Finally I wrapped myself upside that cranial grey matter container I refer to as a hair rack and remembered seeing that Action Optics is an FAOL sponsor. So online I went, into the FAOL Sponsors section and slipped easily into the Action Optics sponsors page. From there, it was a simple click to the website in search of where I could check into the Action Optic line of Polarized eye wear.

Well, you couldn't get much easier of a process of location. Hit 'dealer locator', select how you want to search (city, state, zip, name) -- and I was amazed that I was not going to have to go to Seattle to fill my desire of seeing, wearing, pricing, the Action Optics line!

So, off I went to the local dealer for Action Optics (one of the smaller fly shops in our area carries them surprisingly). Okay. . . now to match the criteria.

#1. Affordable: Oh you betcha. There was a full range of pricing from 'my' level affordable on up. Okay . . . criteria #1 met.

#2. Affective: Yep, how do you judge that one without buying them and walking, fishing, driving around in them for a bit? So shelve #2 for now.

#3. A Trusted Name: Personally . . . if FAOL accepted them as a sponsor they'd have done my initial homework for me. . .so that added to the trusted name factor. A match to criteria #3.

Now into the ACID test. Putting them into use on the road headed to the FAOL Fish-In. Yep, read ROAD in that? You betcha! Ever come home from vacation and you have crinkled tan lines around your eyes from squinting behind your sunglasses? I have! Well guess what. . . I have straight line tan lines! Not only did the Action Optics brand out-preform a 'cheap backup' set that I had purchased, they WORKED! Driving, sitting on the porch, bright sun, cloudy/rainy sun stuff and yes fishing (yep, you really CAN see the fish!). If I had to be outdoors, the Action Optics were ON! Guess that makes the grade for criteria #2!

#4 ? Comfort! You bet! With a nose bridge that is very sensitive (I'm very picky) the Action Optics are 110% comfortable. No pressure headaches, no 'red' nose either.

So there is my input on Action Optics Polarized glasses! Little budget - big budget doesn't matter! The quality and effectiveness of these glasses has more than redoubled my faith in the sponsors of FAOL! Bravo on a great product to Action Optics! ~Mamma Kate Reust~

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