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Amphibian Flip Fins
by Ron Eagle Elk

Every so often you get to be one of the first kids on your block to try something new. I think I just had my chance. I got to spend a day using Omega Aquatics new Amphibian Flip Fin to propel my float tube around.

The blade design belies the Scuba Diving lineage of these fins. A somewhat stiff outer blade, with a more flexible center, gives a strong push with very little effort. The heel strap is a beefy, built to last piece of equipment, with a molded loop to assist in pulling them over your heel. The buckles that attach the strap to the fin are designed to stay put through all kinds of conditions.

The unique feature of these fins, and what makes them Amphibians, is that the blade flips up. That's right, it flips upright along your shin so you can actually walk around on dry land and walk facing forward to get your float tube or pontoon boat into the water. There are pivot points on line with the ball of the foot, and some very strong steel springs under the fin, that flip the blade of the fin into an upright position once the lock on the toe has been released.

Walking out with my float tube was very comfortable, no more backing down into the water. Once afloat, a good kick or two flipped the blade down into the locked position, and that's where it stayed until I decided I wanted to play with the fin some more.

Unlocking the fins so they flip up in shallow water is easy. I simply tried to stand on my toes. My weight released the lock and the fins moved into the upright position, allowing me to walk out of the water easily, again, facing forward.

These fins are well put together. Everything about them is made to last for many, many seasons.

The fins are currently on sale at for $169.00. Considering the ease of entering and leaving the water wearing these fins and their tough construction that seems to be a reasonable price.

Omega Aquatics, Inc.
1544 Barclay Blvd.
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
Tel: 1-877-FLIP-FIN
Tel: 1-847-845-5385
Fax: 1-847-556-0096

~ Ron Eagle Elk

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