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by James Castwell

This one is mine, all mine. As you know, we at FAOL will often have one of our associates do a 'product-review,' or a 'field-test.' Not this time. I found these and I am going to, with great enthusiasm, bring this one on line. This could pass for a 'Pick-of-the-Show' at the Seattle 'International Sportsman's Exposition' for that's where I found them.

The Ladyfisher and I have both worn glasses for years and had decided the most cost effective sunglasses for us was the cheap clip-on type. Sure they get scratched, flutter like mad when worn in a fast boat, have crummy optics and probably wreck our eyes. But, like I said, they seemed to be the best solution to polarized glasses for us, outside of prescription sun-glasses.


There is no question that we all need some type of polarized, UV proof eye-wear when we are on the water. And we all know all the reasons why. Until now the choices have not been very good for those of us who wear prescription glass. When we found the booth with the 'Fitovers' at the show we were sure we had finally found an answer to the old problem of relying on crummy clip-ons. We looked them over well, asked all the normal questions, and put them on. They fit. Fit very well. They didn't fall off when I leaned over. They were light weight. They had good optics. They rested ON TOP of my glasses. They seemed to float there. They were in a reasonable price range. I was sold. We each have a pair.

Called 'The Angler' these come with a nice soft-sided case, have an adjustable keeper, a little cleaning cloth and a one year guarantee. Amber lenses, matt-black nylon frames, side shields, designed for fishermen and they work; just what we have needed.

We attended the ISE show for five days and had the opportunity to watch activity at the 'Fitovers' booth. I took several of my friends over to get their opinion and show them what we had found. Many of these guys fish all over the world, they were not only impressed, they bought on the spot. They agreed with us, these things are neat; the 'what-we've-been-looking-for' in sun-glasses. Now we can use our regular prescription glasses and have full UV polarized protection.

I am glad to bring them to you here and hope, if you already wear glasses, you have a chance to try on a pair, or better yet, get some and find out for yourself. Ask for the 'Anglers Fitovers with sportcase and cord.' At about $45 these are well worth it.

Your local fly shop should have them soon, if not, ask them to carry them. You can order on line at their web-site, or by phone at (888) 834-8872. Tell them old J. Castwell told you. ~ James Castwell

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