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Fin-ite II Fly Reel by Fin-Nor

by J. Castwell

Finite II

Smooth drag, no ridges to catch line If you are anything like me, when you look over a fly reel, you like to take a good close look at all the parts, including taking it apart. I hope this review will give you that look at the new Fin-ite II fly reel by Fin-Nor. Most, if not all of the following pictures are self-explanatory, (and some quite magnified) but if you use your mouse on each there will be some additional information.

Note porting of palming rim

Fully ported smooth exterior Ported bottom, well rounded edges

Perfect spool alignment I own and have used the reel for silver salmon and have had no problems. It is extremely smooth, light in weight, has a one-way clutch, great looking and a delight to use in all ways.
Handle firmly bolted But that is of course only my personal opinion. I did no tests of any mechanical, hardness or other scientific type. I looked at it, fiddled with the drag, flopped over the 'one-way' clutch making it function for left-hand retrieve and loaded it with backing and fly line and went fishing.

Very large diameter cork drag face

Notice bearing rollers inside Spring loaded click button

Notches for above click button
I have mentioned in one of my previous Castwell columns A New Reel Story, a person should buy a reel with his heart, not just his head (make that his wallet). The pride of ownership and the perfect performance for my intentions make me say this is the smoothest, nicest and best fly reel I have ever used or owned.

Drag plate half removed One-way clutch
There may be better reels on the market, or may be in the future. This reel performs and fills my needs perfectly at this time, and no new reels by any other manufacturer will cause this reel to malfunction. It does what it does, period. It is my favorite saltwater reel. ~ JC

Solid reel foot

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