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Drosdak System™ Smart Tapered Leader™

by Ron Eagle Elk (REE)

When I received the Drosdak Smart Tapered Leader™ System manufactured by Fisherman's Quality Products, the first thing I did was read the letter from the inventor, Joe Drosdak. In the letter Mister Drosdak states "For individuals who have vision or manual dexterity difficulties it is the ideal solution for eliminating complicated knot tying requiring close vision or difficult manipulation."

So I said to myself, "Self, this is just what you need." After all, I'm pushing 60, my eyes aren't that great anymore and I've got arthritis in both hands.

Installing the system was a snap. Just slip the fly line adapter of the system onto your fly line, tie an over hand knot in the line, trim the tag end and you ready to go. Almost. Next, select a 9 foot leader in 3, 4, 5 or 6X, two come with the system, and attach it into your fly line adapter. This is where I ran into problems. With my eyesight and arthritis, I managed to cross thread the leader a couple of times. Yup, I said cross thread, The leader screws into the fly line adapter.

Drosdak System connector

Once on the line and fishing, the system worked pretty much as advertised. No hinging on the cast, slid through the guides on my graphite rods easily and didn't affect the line performance in any way. Not a bad replacement for a nail knot.

My problem with the producut is that it's claims that "it is the ideal solution for eliminating complicated knot tying" is a bit over rated. The only knot it eliminates is a nail knot or needle knot attaching the butt section of the leader to the fly line.

I don't know about anyone else, but I seldom use a nine foot leader. If I do, I always add a couple of feet of tippet to save the leader and there's that pesky blood knot that the System does not eliminate. Not to mention the improved clinch knot, Davey knot or your choice of knots to attach a fly to the leader.

Drosdak System Package

If you're a beginning fly fisherman with no idea of how to tie a nail knot, always use a nine foot leader in 3,4,5, or 6X then this system may be a good choice to get you on the water in a hurry. It will not, however, make all your knot tying worries go away, and, depending on the cost of the tapered leaders, may get a bit spendy.

I think I'll stick with my loop to loop connection, furled leader and tippet set up. The same furled leader has worked well for the last three years, why change now. ~ Ron Eagle Elk (REE)

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