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A Line Winder that Works
by James Castwell

Perhaps you have had the fun of designing and making your own line-winder, some sort of a wheel with a crank you can spin fly line onto and either store on it, or somehow get it off and put them into zip-lock bags. I spent several pleasant hours about fifty years ago making my first one for silk lines. I reeled them on to it, rather loosely and left them all winter, then spooled them back up in the spring.

A few years ago I got another one with a line footage counter and all sorts of features, all but one, it is not very portable. So, I did not take it anywhere. I had seen one of the collapsible/portable winders sold by Cortland a few years back and always thought it might be a neat gadget to own. So, I bought one. I was right, I took it with us to the Bahamas as it was light and compact. And it works.

Here's my idea. If you are young, you may not want to spend fifty bucks on such a thing, and if you are old why get one now? I say, if you are young, get one now, and you will have it the rest of your life to use, good investment. If you are old, now you can easily afford it and isn't it really about time you had a good one?

Truthfully, I find many things I like about this one. Sure, being able to pack it with me if a darn good feature, I often want to switch fly lines when I am away from home. One of the features I like the most is the size of the coils is fully adjustable, I can make them any size I want. This is important when I want to put a coil over an empty fly line spool for storage.

It is quick and easy to set up, solid and does exactly what I want it to do. It stores neatly in its own case. Any of you ever screw up loading a new fly line? You know, it gets all tangles up and before long you have a living-room floor that looks like a spaghetti factory. Been there done that, got the shirt. No thanks.

The accompanying six pictures should give you some idea of how it works. ~ JC

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Cortland Line Company
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Cortland, New York 13045-5588
Phone: 1-800-847-6787

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