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Chota STL Wading Boots

by Vickie Eagle Elk (VEE)

Like most people, I wasn't very knowledgable about the different kinds of boots and gear when I first got into fly fishing about five years ago. So, I ended up with a pair of boots that felt like lead weights! Then after a couple of seasons we decided to get breathable waders and I finally told Ron (my husband fishing partner), that I could hardly stand to wear the boots I had...and that I wanted new light weight ones.

When we got our breathables I tried on the different boots the local flyshop stocked and went with the best ones they had (not what I had hoped for, not really.) I tend to be rather frugal and figured these would be my last pair of boots unless I wore them out. Then we tried Chota's Kick Boat Booties and were so impressed with those, that Ron actually did a Product Review on them. Well, frugal or not, I got a pair of new wading boots, again. I LOVE THEM! I was very pleasantly surprised, because they are what I was hoping for when I got the pair from the fly shop.

STL Plus

I got the Chota STL Wading Boots with the coolest lace up system (no more double tying the laces so they don't come undone)! They are VERY light weight and comfortable. They are also very well made with good ankle support (without rubbing), and are nice looking if that's important to you. After trying them with and without the removable and replacable cleats, both of us opted for the cleats for the rivers we normally fish.

It boils down to this. IF I ever manage to wear them out I won't waste my time checking out other brands, I'll just order another pair of these. In fact Ron has a pair of Chota's now. He has the Chota Citico Creek wading boots. He is as impressed as I am with the comfort and quality. He really likes the fact that despite numerous wettings and dryings, the boots don't stiffen up, and there's no pushing and stomping to get them on and comfortable. Oh, and can you believe it, great service from Chota too!

Now the only question is, what to do with those other boots that are taking up room in my closet? Hmmmmm, Tuesday is trash day. ~ Vicki Eagle Elk (VEE)

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