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BW Sports Gear

by Al Campbell

Occasionally a product comes along that makes you say "Wow, I wish I had thought of that." That's precisely the case with the line of products I recently had the privilege to inspect made by BW Sports of Park City, Utah.

Bag It Wet - open The most impressive item (in my opinion) was the BagItWet wader bag. This item looks like a hanging garment bag designed to hold waders. It has 11 storage compartments (some breathable and some designed to keep your stuff dry). Your waders hang on a hanger (provided) with the wading shoes stored in breathable compartments and a drain on the bottom that lets all the water drain off. There's a compartment for hanging your vest and lots of other storage for the extra gear you'll be taking along.

The best feature of this unique bag is that you don't have to unload your waders and boots to let them dry. Simply open the bag, hang it by the provided hook and open the drain, then let the stuff you have in the bag dry out. When you get ready for the next trip, fold the bag like you would a hanging garment bag and snap it shut. You're now ready to travel with all your gear stored neatly in one bag. The convenient shoulder strap and rubber coated handle are a bonus. Suggested retail - $89.95.

TravelNTackle-closed TravelNTackle-open

The TravelNTackle bag is designed to transport your fly fishing gear to the stream. With 11 individual compartments to store your gear and handy rod tube loops on the top and bottom of the bag, it carries all your gear safely isolated from dust, rain and dirt. The handle opens up to provide a handy hanger for easy access when on the stream. Simply open the Velcro handle and strap it around a tree branch, car seat or other handy object that will allow it to hang open.

Being a fly tyer, I think this bag holds a lot of potential as a traveling tying bag. It has enough storage space to carry most of your tools and materials, and it opens for easy access to everything it carries. Suggested retail - $49.95.

Hump-Dry Side Hump-Mesh Side The Hump wader bag is another unique product. It stores your waders and shoes in a large vented compartment with a hard divider to keep them separate. The hard divider doubles as a mat to stand on while putting on your waders. Spring rods hold the bag upright and open for easy access. It has a compartment for your vest with a handy hanger (included). With 12 compartments (some vented, some waterproof), a wrap handle and handy shoulder strap, this is one handy wader bag. Suggested retail - $87.95.

Chest Vest 1 BWSports makes two Chest Vests for the days you want to travel light, fish from a float tube, or the weather is just to hot for a traditional vest. Chest Vest 1 is designed to hold small boxes and gear for stream fishing.

Chest Vest 2 Chest Vest 2 is designed for larger boxes and larger flies. Both have ample storage for a day on the water, two retractors (included) for your hanging gear and several elastic bands to hold hemostats and other handy tools. Both can be used as a fanny or hip pack to keep your upper body free from bulky objects. Suggested retail - $39.95 each.

They also make a handy little tool called FloatPower. This tool is a collapsible electric trolling motor mount that attaches to your float tube or pontoon craft. It stores your battery and mounts your trolling motor for kick-free fishing. Suggested retail - $99.95.

There are several handy rod racks you can use in your boat, vehicle or home. These are designed to hold spinning, casting or fly rods on the wall or ceiling where they won't be stepped on and broken. Suggested retail - $9.95.

The greatest thing about this line of gear is the price. Granted, most of the products are somewhat unique (some are totally unique), but the prices are far below the prices charged by many other companies for similar products. If these products had labels like Sage, Abel or Orvis, you'd pay twice or three times as much for them. If you doubt that, do some price comparing for yourself.

Look for BW Sports products in your local fly shop. If you don't find them there, ask them to carry them. If that doesn't work, you can mail BW Sports at:

BW Sports, Inc.
3810 Saddleback Road
Park City, UT 84098

Or call them at (888) 647-9120 for the address of a dealer near you. They have a web site too. ~Al Campbell

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