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WilliamJoseph UltraLight Rain Jacket

by KW Morrow

I like to travel light when fishing. I also like to stay dry. Until now, when it comes to rain gear, these two prerequisites have always been mutually exclusive. Thanks to WilliamJoseph, now I can pack a 5 oz. rain jacket that folds conveniently into a 7"x5"x3" carrying case in the back pouch of my chest pack. The lightweight, breathable UltraLight Rain Jacket comes in two colors: orange and moss green. It also comes in two sizes: small-medium and large-extra large. And it does an excellent job of both keeping you dry in the rain and going unnoticed when not in use.

I only had my jacket a few days when I was able to put to a serious test. I was at Roaring River State Park as a guest fly tier for the annual Youth Fishing Day when Mother Nature decided not to cooperate. She unleashed about an inch of rain on the festivities during the day. Out came the rain jacket, which kept me dry and comfortable all day in sometimes driving rain. When WJ says "breathable," they mean breathable, too! I experienced none of that clammy feeling you get when wearing other rain gear all day long. And the jacket is so lightweight that it goes virtually unnoticed, whether you are wearing it or carrying it. While it epitomizes the qualities of lightweight, unobtrusive, water repellant, and breathable, it also meets the WilliamJoseph standards for construction, durability, and innovation. Adjustable Velcro cuffs, drawstring waist and hood, a toothless zipper, and a handy LED light in the zipper pull tab are all features you would expect to find on a much more expensive specialty rain jacket weighing much more than any miniscule five ounces! Add two breast cargo pockets ideal for tucking away a map, a small fly box and a spool of tippet, or whatever small items you need to keep handy even in the rain and the stylish WJ logo on the left breast and right sleeve for the complete package.

The WJ UltraLight Rain Jacket has earned its place among my "must carry" fly-fishing gear ensemble. Stowed away in my backpack, it is smaller and lighter than my first aid kit and about the same size as my fly box. But when the rain starts, I can quickly get it out and put it on and keep on fishing...remaining dry and comfortable. At six foot and two hundred pounds, I have complete freedom of movement in the large-extra large size. In the bright orange, I remain highly visible to boats on the water or traffic if walking down a roadside trail. This jacket is simply an ideal rain gear solution for the serious fly angler. Suggested retail, $59.99.

To get your own WilliamJoseph UltraLight Rain Jacket, find the dealer nearest you by logging onto the WJ website's dealer locator at, (best viewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer) or by calling 1-801-978-2207. ~ KWM

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