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Al's Pick of The Salt Lake Show

Pacific Fly Group

by Al Campbell

At every fly tackle show, there's always something that stands out from the mountains of products. It's the one thing you thought was a great idea. It's fun looking at all the stuff, but sometimes it gets a little repetitious. It seems everyone has a new rod, reel or float tube these days. You can find dozens of shirts, vests and nets that look the same at first glance. If you want to see a new wader, you'll have a lot of chances; everyone has one.

So, what do you pick as the best? I decided to look for the best value at the show. You know, the most bang for the buck. I also set my sights on a product or line of products priced at a level appealing to the novice or intermediate flyfisher. A product line you could afford on a modest income. A product line I can afford on my modest income.

Pacific Fly Group Net
I chose the Pacific Fly Group as the best of the show because they offer a line of excellent products priced in a very affordable range. You won't have to sell your car to afford one of their nets, jackets or vests; but it might look like you spent a bundle on them.

For instance, how would you like a long handle net with a wood frame and a cane hoop? Add catch and release netting and a beautiful finish and you'd expect to pay anywhere from $65 to $165, but not if it's a Pacific Fly Group net. Their nets fit the product description but are priced from $8.95 to $29.95.

Pac Fly's Vest

If it's a vest you're after, they have a sweet one that looks identical to one offered by a major company in New England. The one in New England sells for about $165, but the Pacific Fly Group vest sells for $59.95. If you want a nice mesh vest, that one sells for $49.95. Folks, these are retail prices!

They offer a waterproof, breathable wading jacket for $99.95 retail. If you want the deluxe model, it sells for $169.00. Their vent back fishing shirts have roomy pockets, roll up sleeves, come in five colors and all the common sizes for $35.00 retail. Not bad, eh?

Their wading shoes are nice looking, offer good ankle support, are light weight and have thick, felt soles. The regular version sells for $69.95 and the studded version sells for $74.95. Again, this boot looks a lot like the one offered by a famous company in New England for about twice the Pacific Fly price.

Pac Fly's Wading Boot

Since this company does a lot of private label clothing for other companies, I wonder where that company I mentioned earlier gets their clothing? I won't lose any sleep thinking about it though, I've already decided where to buy my next vest and boots. Hmmm, maybe a few more shirts would be nice.

Ask the fly shop you deal with if they carry Pacific Fly Group products. If they don't, ask why not. If they resist the idea, call 1-800-582-5145 for the dealer nearest you.

~Al Campbell

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