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Dec 5, 2016

From our house to your house, Merry Christmas and a Happy and Blessed New Year
The Ladyfisher, The Chronicler, and Ron Tidd

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So I've been reviewing books of Atlantic Salmon Flies. Have you noticed that it's been a historical review? Even though we are learning modern techniques through modern books, we are constantly working on the past objects created by the past craftsmen. I'd like to say: to dress Atlantic Salmon Flies is to be interested in their history. That is quite natural. Personally, perhaps for most of enthusiasts too, "The Golden Age" (just the turn of 20th century) always fascinates me. Not just because of those gaudy flies, but also it's the time period that we can vividly imagine, making us feel we might be able to reach.


Where do the ideas for new fly patterns come from, some are bourne on the water by observation, some ideas are a mixture of material and some are nothing more than combining old establish pattern styles with more modern pattern or even combining wet flies with dry flies and generally these patterns are simple to construct and imitate that most important factor in an imitation and that is the illusion of life and such is the story of the CDC Soft Hackle Emergers.


Going slow through the shallow tail out, I was taking no chances as I poked along the bottom with my wading staff. A long drive and early morning cramping of my feet were not my friend on this morning, but I knew that once across and in position the water pressure would bring relief soon.


I Headed for a pond; one that I had not visited for quite a while. When I drove passed the place where I usually go in I could see there were a few cars there. I decided that this just not be a good place to be so I drove to another spot where the pond can be accessed. This pond has a lot of trees around it so I had two 6 weight rods with me. I find these rods easier to roll cast and this pond requires a lot of roll casting.


It wouldn't seem like Christmas without at least one tradition.

From the Ladyfisher, to you, Merry Christmas



I picked him up at 10:00 a.m. and he was sitting on the porch dressed and ready to go. His wife greeted me as I walked up the steps and he looked up at me and smiled that familiar smile that I had come to know from our many years of friendship. Unfortunately the smile did not reflect the reality that a cruel disease had robbed him of all the memories that we shared together.


One of the basic characteristics of a successful angler, regardless of the method, is the ability to solve problems; what lure to use and how to use it. Fly anglers are faced with many problems that are not encountered by anglers using other methods of fishing. This is basic to the sport of fly fishing where the angler has a choice of presenting their offering to the fish either on the surface, in the surface film, just below the surface and anywhere from just below the surface to right on the bottom. How we approach this aspect of fly fishing will ultimate determine how successful we are in catching fish under a variety of situations.


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