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November 17, 2014

"Time and tide wait for no man." Ancient Proverb

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Seventeen years ago this last September Deanna and Jim Birkholm, aka The Ladyfisher and James Castwell began a radical new venture; an online magazine dedicated to fly fishing. They were endeavoring to supplement their retirement income through selling advertising space and initially that was successful.


Perhaps you're in the same fly casting bind I was in. You often don't have enough room to make back casts, and at your age casting a 7-weight fly rod for three or four hours leaves you exhausted and sore. Spey casting, you read, will save you a lot of energy and ibuprofen.

So, you wonder, should you delve into your pockets and shell out the big bucks for a spey rod and line?

Eventually, I did, and then I immersed myself in spey casting articles and DVDs, until I felt ready to give spey casting a go.

I headed to my local park, and plunged in—right into an incoming disaster.


It has rained again and it was way too wet to try to drive into a pond. To wet in many places to walk where there is no grass, too much mud on your feet. That means that the canoe will not be loaded.


The broadleaf ferns held water like a fresh new kitchen sponge as I squeezed my way down a narrow elk trail in search of the sounds of running water up ahead. I was only 100 yards off the trails end where I had parked my truck, and already I was soaked through from armpit to mid-thigh.


"Why bluegill? They are available to fisherman in nearly every state in the Union, their pugnacity is legendary, and their tenacious yanking, diving, twisting battles are unforgettable. They're fun, anywhere and just about any time."
Terry & Roxanne Wilson, Bluegill…. 1999

The saltwater fly fishing in Florida is so exciting and addicting that you sometimes forget that there other waters to fish and other species to catch besides the ones that live in the saltwater. In this column I will cover Peacock Bass, Bluegills and Redear Sunfish (Shellcrackers) and Black Crappie.


I have become one of "regulars" at DePuy's Spring Creek (www.depuyspringcreek.com) with the Winter Pass. On our "Opening Day" (October 15th), we would greet, and celebrate our rendezvous, and wish the best for next 6 months of endeavor. As I have written in a previous series of articles for FAOL, the Fall Baetis (Blue Winged Olive) hatches and Fall-run trout (from Yellowstone River to creek) are what draw anglers during the fall. Of course I was expecting both events. However, this fall I encountered something new. It may not be really new, rather a surprise at the beginning. Eventually it became a special pleasure and addiction. It's THE midge hatch.


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