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July 6, 2015

"It's bad to have an empty wallet, but an empty head is a whole lot worse." Anonymous

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Paradise Valley, Montana - Image by N. Travis


Eventually I have learned this book (Chronicle Books, ISBN: 0-87701-800-6) is regarded as "voices" among those who are deeply involved in the world of Atlantic Salmon Flies. Nowadays, it's the legend. If you want this book you have to look around your local used-book stores or online trades. (That's much easier in this era, as I got mine. You may even find new ones.) The inductee who-is-not-mentioned-at-this-point (as I don't want to trade his name) became my mentor. Also, though indirectly, I came to know the person who dressed the fly on the cover. Everything seemed intertwined through this book.


Well, summer is here, the streams are low and clear, the trout are rising and the time has come to break out the gear and spend some quality time on your favorite water. However, it's also a good time to review some safety tips before you head out to your favorite fishing hole. Summer is a great time but not without its hazards. In our haste to enjoy the good times we often overlook some obvious safety issues until it's too late.


The run looked good at the end of the big sweeper that had fallen with its top downstream. It was one of this last winter's victims, evident by the still green branches. As often happens in a situation like this, the fish will hold tight to the trunk of the tree, and the best water which is nearly impossible to fish is among the branches. I had worked my way downstream throwing a size 10 Little Pine streamer with some success already this morning, and I gave the fly a once-over along with my tippet; not wanting to take any chances on a run that looked so perfect with a tippet knot or scar. With my first cast I was a bit too far from the trunk of the tree for my taste, but not wanting to disturb the water I finished my drift and lifted my line out after my swing had cleared the branches

In this installment we will cover one of the most exciting classes of gamefish found in the ocean and that is the Billfish. We will cover the Swordfish, Sailfish, Blue Marlin and White Marlin. These are true deep water fish and the angler will need a suitable boat, a friend with a suitable boat or a guide to pursue these species. Furthermore with the exception of the Atlantic Sailfish and the White Marlin these species are classed as extreme big game fly fishing due to their size, strength and speed.


With the possibility of rain the next few days it was another day to be out. I grabbed a 3 weight and a bamboo rod and headed out. I took six boxes of flies with me, and I went to a pond that does not have many trees around it. I had hopes that the water would be warmer. When I got to the pond I headed to the south end where the dam is. The east side is very shallow water for most of it area so the fishing would be across the dam and up the west shores a ways.

RITUALS (fiction)

We bounced along the faint dirt path in my father’s old fishing car; an old panel truck that my father had converted into a fly fishing den on wheels. In the back was a portable fly tying cabinet, holders for rods,


I arrived on my favorite spring creek to spend a few hours experimenting with some modified fly patterns that I had been toying with and I had in mind a specific stretch of the creek to fish. But the best laid plans tend to go awry and the stretch I had picked was already occupied. I noticed that the angler was already entering the stream and the trout were beginning to feed as the hatch began. I watched the angler select a pattern, tie it on and began to cast to a feeding trout which was positioned above the angler. However he was ignoring the several trout that were feeding directly across from his position and there were several feeding trout just below his position which were also ignored. By now his actions had caught my interest and I stayed to watch his progression through the fish that were feeding and how he would handle the numerous trout that were feeding in his general area.

Competitive Casting Competitions: The Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum, August 1 and 2, 2015. Casting competitions are not fly fishing competitions. They are simply distance and accuracy casting challenges to test one's skills. This is a fine opportunity to take a look at your own ability as a caster. You can have some fun by bringing everyone in your local club or organization to finally find out "just who is the best caster in the bunch"; challenge friends; set a personal, goal; but most of all, have fun. You never know, eventually every dog has his day. Casters can compete in only one Competition, but can cast for fun in any other or all three. All casters will have a chance to win as each caster will receive a ticket for a random drawing to win several prizes.

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