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February 2017

Who ever said "A bad day of fishing is always better than a good day at work never had their boat sink."

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The trail seemed to go on forever as I wound along the terraced landscape just one more drop through the chest high broadleaf ferns to the river in which I had been able to hear for quite a while now. The map had shown a small but marked USFS trail leading from the gravel road some 800 yards behind me and 2500 feet above me, to a bend in the Upper East Fork of the Lewis River. Switchbacks had been its course, and I was along for the ride in hopes of fish and solitude. The two things in a fisherman's life that seldom seem to collide.


Today in many places you can fish all year so doing a spring tune-up before you hit the water may not be necessary. However, if you have not picked up a fly rod since last fall a spring tune-up is in order before you take to the water for another season. In addition, a spring tune-up might be a good time to practice some of the casting skills that will really make a difference in your fly fishing experien


I have a friend that lets me fish on his ponds as long as the cattle are not in the fields. He called me up and said that he wanted to go out fishing, for a fish fry. He wanted me to go along to make sure that enough fish were caught. We rode into the pond on his tractor. We had a heavy rain two days before and the low spots with good size ponds. He said he knew his big tractor would make it, but was not sure about anything else. We got into the pond and there was still a great deal of water coming into the pond from the pastureland around it. The water in the pond was off color but I could see down about three feet.


This Field Guide for the boat, truck, kayak or tying bench is designed to help those who pursue Big Bass fly fishing on topwater. John Lindsey, fly fishing and tying expert, and an International Fly Fishing Association (IGFA) world record holder since 2000, shares four generations of tips, secrets, funny stories and family jokes. Lindsey outlines the details that not only catch small and medium-sized bass, but also those hard-to-catch bass four to five pounds and larger. His numerous tricks, techniques and ideas work on both heavily-fished public water and rarely-fished private water bodies. After reading his book, topwater bass fly fishermen won't have to wish each other "Good Luck," when "Good Preparation" will be more appropriate!


I almost never write about the art of fly casting as there are many who do it better than I and can draw or photograph so very proper the positions, angles and so forth used in the art of fly casting.

However I will say that a technical perfect fly caster isn't always the best fly angler. Fly fishing is a blend of fly casting, knowledge of insects that the trout feed on, knowledge of the trout and understanding of the water types the trout are found in. That is coupled with knowledge of the fly patterns used to deceive the trout on the waters we fish. [The same things applies to warm water and salt water fly anglers]


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