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"Many go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after."

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"Summer time and the living is easy" - N. Travis


Over the years FAOL has been blessed to have many faithful sponsors. Conditions in the fly fishing industry have changed and most of our sponsors have moved to other venues. Many, if not most, have websites of their own and have cut back on advertising on other sites. We have appreciated each of them and continue to carry many of their sponsor sites without charge.


I finally got my fishing license, and in Iowa when you turn 65 you can get a lifetime fishing license so I had to wait until my exact birthday to do it. The day arrived and I got my license and went out for a day on one of my local ponds.


One of the most popular species of saltwater gamefish that tops the saltwater fly fisher's dream list are bonefish. Though I have been told that during the months of summer bonefish occasionally move through the inlet and into the Indian River system generally you need to travel a little further south to get reasonable action on this highly sought after fish. 

Bonefish [Albula vulpes] are also known as the Silver Ghost, White Fox, Gray Ghost, Phantom, Silver Streak and the Banana Fish.


It began as a struggle; an emotional struggle, mostly on my part. It was the first day my 11year old son was on the water with a full rig of his own on an opening day of trout season. My goal was to get him on fish, but they had to be on his own. Nothing dad hooked would work. He was past the "Here's another one bud, reel it in" phase. He had new waders, and a new Tenkara rod.it was on him. However, unbeknownst to him, it was nearly killing his father with pressure to make it happen.


This book (Frank Amato Publications, Inc. ISBN: 1-57188-339-8) is very reading for every newbies in this subject. Alcott reviews pretty much every category: history, materials, tools, and modern interpretations.


Making the cut is a term that one often hears in team sports in connection with players that have demonstrated that they have the talent and skills necessary to make the team. There are often lots of competitors trying to make the team, and many of them may be very talented but only a few actually make the cut. There was something about those that were chosen that was not possessed by those that failed to make the cut. If fly fishing was a team sport and to be able to fish on certain streams would you have the skills necessary to make the cut?


Across the meadow a young red fox raised his head to watch me pass. His companion was asleep in the warm spring sun and upon my passing he joined his companion in peaceful sleep. Who was I to that young red fox? Obviously he did not perceive me as a threat and indeed I was not since I viewed the encounter with him and his companion as a fragment of the overall experience of a day spent along a trout stream.


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