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March 2018

"“Many go fishing all their lives without knowing that it not fish they are after.”"
~ Henry David Thoreau

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It had not rained for a few days so I decide that it was a good time to go to the pond. I needed to hike in as water was still standing in places.


Removing waders always feels like a chore at the end of my time on the water, and so it was as I struggled with separating damp Gortex fabric from the layer of jeans beneath.


The spawning cycles of brown and rainbow trout offers the fly angler a unique opportunity to sight fish for some larger trout at two different times of the year. Now, this opportunity is more complex than “chucking eggs” or dragging streamers through the pools. To maximize your opportunities the anglers needs to understand the spawning cycle of each species and in understanding the situation choose the proper imitations and methods to take advantage of the situations encountered.


I always enjoy scanning the threads that are posted on the FAOL bulletin board. It provides me with a sense of what is on the minds of our readers. There are several reoccurring themes; mostly ones that really do not have an answer that will satisfy everyone. One of those themes involves fly rods; are more expensive rods worth the cost. These discussions take me back nearly 50 years to when I first started conducting fly fishing clinics with the late JC.


“ In the lexicon of the fly-fisherman, the words rise and hooked connote the successful and desirable climax; landing a fish is purely anticlimax.” ………….. Vincent Marinaro, 1950.


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