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August 2016

"Mark well the various seasons of the year, how the succeeding insect race appear; in this revolving moon one colour reigns, which in the next the fickle trout disdains."
Thomas Best

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If you have ever tried your hand at artistic painting you are aware that color is a complex subject. There are large thick books that drone on and on about color theory, and college level classes that delve, with great detail, into the intricacies of color. You learn that color can be transparent, translucent, opaque, reflective and refractive. It's affected by the intensity and direction of light, and even the angle of the viewer affect the appearance of color.


This is not a new book but I recently received it in a package of books from Amato Publications and after I read through it I decided it would be a great book to show our readers that may have a family member or a friend that wants to learn the basics of fly fishing. If you have ever dreaded the thought of trying to teach a spouse or significant other how to use a fly rod this is a perfect book for just that purpose.


Historically speaking anglers have been aware of the importance of terrestrial insect for a very long time. Now, if we examine the facts and apply a little bit of common sense we can clearly see how certain aspects of bait fishing was easily carried over to fly fishing.


I don't think I'm wrong by guessing, for my generation – not the age but when he/she has started Atlantic Salmon Flies = 21st century – those four books by Mike Radencich could be the first textbook to own and there would be people who wouldn't consider getting more instruction books. I, for one, did learn a lot from these books.


One access to one of my favorite ponds was closed. Someone went in when it was wet and got stuck. Then who ever helped them out tore things up. There is a large pit and some very deep tracks on the road into the pond now.


It has turned very hot and we also had some thunderstorms go by. Not the best time to try to be out. But the storms are past and I head out early in the morning. I walk into a pond wearing some waders that will let me fish some areas that I would not be accessible without having waders. It also made it easier to get through some of the wet spots on the way into the pond.


One of my favorite print magazines for fly fishing is the Frank Amato Publications Flyfishing & Tying Journal. It always is a good read with lots of interesting information, articles and fly patterns but I think this issue is a standout. Dave McNeese has an excellent article about Ernie Schwiebert and some of his fly patterns.


The doorbell rang right around 3 pm, and my head snapped up. "The mail"….and the doorbell meant that a package was left. Heading to check it out, I wondered what it could be. Perhaps mail order clothes my wife had placed? Or better yet, a small package from one of a few fly tying supply shops I frequent? But try as I may, I couldn't recall ordering anything recently. Upon opening the door, my eyes lit up.


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