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August 2017

"“Bluegills…..ounce for ounce, there is no better scrapper in fresh water.”"
~ Elmer Ransom, Fishing’s Just Luck [1945]

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A longtime friend and avid fly fisherman recently asked, as I was showing him pictures of some recent warm water fish, “With all of the trout fishing near you, why do you spend so much time on local ponds?”


After a person has mastered the basics of fly fishing – casting and knot tying – and has a basic knowledge of the food that fish eat, the next most important ability that they need to acquire is the ability to observe.


I had a friend tell me that I could fish the pond that is near his house. So with two rods and more flies than I will use I head off to the pond.


While many angling magazines have come and gone these two excellent publications still are available. These two magazines are published by Frank Amato Publications, publishers of many fine angling books in addition to these two fine magazines. Salmon, Trout, Steelheader is published monthly except for June/July and October/November, and Flyfishing quarterly. Amato Publications and the Amato family have been long time supporters of Fly Anglers Online. You can find out more information on these two fine magazines and their other publications at www.amatobooks.com


For anyone that is interested in the history of fly fishing and wishes to help preserve the memorabilia associated with the development of fly fishing in America should become a member of the American Museum of Fly Fishing. In addition to helping provide the funds to collect and archive items of historic importance you will receive this wonderful magazine that contains great articles of interest to anyone interested in fly fishing history. For information about becoming a member visit their website at www.amff.org.


This year I set myself to reread all of the work’s concerning G.E.M. Skues, acknowledged as the father of Nymph Fishing. But Skues was much more than just an angler who developed the art of nymphing, he modernized the use of the wet fly, however many failed to note that fact and when the situation demanded fish dry flies.


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