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July 24th, 2000

The Low-Down On Western Fishing

by Ed Zern, From To Hell With Fishing! published by D. Appleton-Century Company, (1945)

The publisher of this book, who has never been west of Riverside Drive [NY], insists there ought to be something in here about western fishing. He says there are plenty of fishermen in states like California and Omaha and Arizona who have two bucks and no sense of value.

My only experience in western fishing was a day spent on Puget Sound, sitting in Carl Cleveland's pappy's motorboat, drinking Yakima Valley applejack and trolling for king salmon. Due to some special quality of Yakima Valley apples, I am a bit hazy on the details.

As I recall, there was a lead sinker the size of a honeydew melon on the end of the line, just ahead of a metal wobbler and a large hook. The theory is, I believe, that the salmon swims over to have a look at the wobbler, and while doing so, collides with the sinker, is stunned, and floats belly-up to the surface.

I don't know what the hook is for, and I felt awful the next morning.

In general, I would say that western fishing is pretty much the same as eastern fishing, only sillier. ~ Ed Zern

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