Lighter Side
September 21st, 1998
Brook Trout

By Bill McManis

I must tell you a true story that happened this July while fishing for brookies.

I have a black and white genuine border collie dog that is my best fishing pal. He is trained not to grab the fly, not to run ahead and spook the pools, but his very natural instinct is to "herd" things.

He catches, voles, stalks mice and on occassions skids through fresh cow pies. On this particular day, Brook (his full name is Brook Trout) spotted a calf moose some 100 yards ahead on the stream I was fishing. He immediately took off on a dead run in a half circle towards the calf.

Oh Lord, now what I thought, as I screamed "NO, NO!" And, all this while I was looking for mamma moose!

Well one cannot climb willow bushes, the stream was too small to hide in or try to drown myself and one can't run in waders very well with a nine foot rod. My blood pressure jumped. Anyway, guess my screams of "no-no" finally sunk in and the calf changed direction and all ended well.

Needless to say the next few casts were not accurate. Oh, the trials and tribulations of brookie fish'in with a border collie named Brook...

~ Bill McManis, Bozeman Montana

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