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May 22nd, 2000

Hooked On Trout Phonics®

by Jack Ohman

Do you ever wonder how trout communicate? How do they tell each other that the caddis hatchis on, and only take the size 16s? Language experts at the Defense Language Institute at Monterrey, California, have discovered the secret: the Trout Language! Until last year, no man knew the secret of trout communication. Now it's available to you in a series of eight two-hour instructional tapes. Hooked on Trout Phonics® will have you communicating effortlessly with the big boys at the bottom of the pool in no time. Easier than Russian, but slightly more difficult than French, Hooked on Trout Phonics® teaches you the trout declensions, and their secret language rules that will have you eavesdropping on what the larger specimens are taking. Here's a sample:

TROUT LANGUAGE: "Gren forgentu makbar."

TRANSLATION: "The idiot is using 4x when he should be going to 6x."

Comes with a handsome plastic binder and a trout language thesaurus.

Price: Five easy payments of $13.95. ~ Jack Ohman

Excerpt from Get the Net! published by Willow Creek Press, Minocqua, WI. Thanks Jack!

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