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May 8st, 2000

The Betty Ford Center
For Fly Fishing Dependency

by Jack Ohman

"Honest, honey, I can stop fly fishing anytime I want." How many times have we said those words to our abandoned loved ones? A thousand times? A million times? If you really want to get your fly fishing back to sensible levels, you'll need more than professional help . . . you need the former First Lady of the United States. The Betty Ford Center for Fly Fishing Dependency is located in Rancho Orvis, California, and will take you on the 12 steps of recovery to fly fishing sanity. This is not a cold turkey, quit-fly fishing program . . . it's the path back to normal levels of fly fishing; say, fifty times per year. Trained, compassionate staffers, all of whom were fly fishing junkies who broke out into cold sweat if their copy of the latest Orvis catalog was fifteen minutes late, will help you find a balance. The six-month stay includes long periods of not fishing (up to two days in some dire cases) and long walks with an unstrung rod.

Price: $67,00 per week. Includes straightjacket with a fleece patch. ~ Jack Ohman

Excerpt from Get the Net! published by Willow Creek Press, Minocqua, WI. Thanks Jack!

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