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May 1st, 2000

Fly Fishing In The Rough

by Jack Ohman

Did you know you can use modern fly fishing techniques to catch and release (please don't in this case) jumbo trash fish on our nation's great rivers that don't hold trout? Did you know that a carp will rise to an Adams if you dip it in pure pork lard? Or that a nymph shaped like a doughball will take sucker after sucker, even in tough stream conditions, such as the river being on fire? It's true and more. Learn how a Chevy bumper painted like a Cream Cahill drives eelpout nuts. Thrill to the rise of a thirty-eight pound carp as it mistakes a fly for a Hostess Twinkie. This kit includes all you'll need to start catching rough fish on fly gear: lard, grease, dough, entrails, and all sorts of glop you wouldn't feed to a pig will have you wading in big trash fish before you know it.

Price: absolutely free. ~ Jack Ohman

Excerpt from Get the Net! published by Willow Creek Press, Minocqua, WI. Thanks Jack!

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