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February 28th, 2000

Vested Interests

by Jack Ohman
From: Fear of Fly Fishing

Vests should be mobile versions of your car glove compartment - jammed to the seams with useless trash that may come in handy in an emergency, like the AAA Guide to Iowa Theme Parks.

A short vest has a tendency to make you feel like you're wearing a bra stuffed with newspapers if you've packed it improperly. Most pockets on a short vest can only accommodate a first-class stamp-sized box with a couple of size 20 cream midges. The two front pockets should be big enough to accommodate two ice chests, with enough room left over to park a '66 Dodge Dart.

On the exterior of the vest should be a pair of nail nippers capable of cutting your index finger off the the first knuckle. Don't try this at home. You will also note a piece of shearling sheepskin or two on the outside of the vest, which is a kind of scrapyard for junked flies - the broken barb, the loose tinsel, the missing wing, the unraveled head that you're really doing to get around to fixing someday - that have sentimental value. In the summer, you will learn the painful truth about owning the dark green-colored vest: it's like wearing a solar panel.

Inflatable vests are a good idea if you're fishing in the Ganges, but they sometimes have a disconcerting tendency to go off at inopportune moments. Avoid surprise embraces. ~ Jack Ohman

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