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December 13th, 1999


by JackOhman
From Fear of Fly Fishing
We really sincerely thank Jack Ohman for use permission.

    READING WATER - Place to haul out your book when the fish aren't biting.

    REEL - What you do when you see how much a Hardy costs.

    RISING FISH - Optical illusion, like an oasis.

    SCHOOL - As in Master's degree in Entomology, which you may feel that you need after a couple of fishless trips.

    SELECTIVE - Not hungry.

    SPINNING - The only acceptable one is the way Gandhi did it.

    SPOOK - Something that happens to trout the second you get in the water.

    STEELHEAD - Great white whale.

    STRIPPING - To obvious a joke.

    STUDS - Another one that's too obvious.

    TAILWATER - Water that you slip and land on your tail in.

    TAPER - A broken rod that has been repaired with duct tape.

    TERRESTRIAL INSECT - An oxymoron, since there is no such thing as an extraterrestrial insect.

    TREBLE HOOK - Hook that sends out high-frequency sounds.

    TROLLING - See Dredging.

    TROUT - See Poltergeist

    TWITCH - A nervous disorder brought on by excessive fly tying or leader tying.

    WATER - Where trout hang out.
    ~ Jack Ohman

If you like Jack's fly fishing humor, be sure to look for his new book, GET THE NET! published by Willow Creek.

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