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November 29th, 1999


by JackOhman
From Fear of Fly Fishing
We really sincerely thank Jack Ohman for use permission.

    KNOTLESS - State of fly-fishing nirvana.

    LEADER - Length of monofilament used to ease breaking off a fly by trout.

    LEECH - Friend who borrows flies and never buys any of his own.

    LINE - Exaggerated number of fish caught when relating fishing trip to friends, as in "giving them a line."

    MANIPULATE - Purpose of fly-fishing advertising.

    MINNOW - See Fingerling.

    NET - What you're ready for after you've tied flies.

    PICKUP - Made scramble to retrieve flies after fly box is turned over accidently in stream.

    POCKET WATER - The level to which the water reaches when you step in a hole while wearing your hip boots.

    POLTERGEIST - See Trout.

    POUND TEST - The amount of effort you have to put into deliberately busting off a fly.

    PRESENTATION - Formerly known as a good cast.

    PUMPING THE TROUT - A fly fisherman's only exercise.

    PUT AND TAKE - Destroying the village in order to save it.
    ~ Jack Ohman

If you like Jack's fly fishing humor, be sure to look for his new book, GET THE NET! published by Willow Creek.

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