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September 27th, 1999

Yuffies, Hippies, Geezers and Worm Drowners

by JackOhman
From Fear of Fly Fishing
We thank Jack Ohman for use permission.

NAME: Elliott Abrams Richardson IV
RESIDENCE: Upper East Seventies brownstone, Manhattan
AGE: 35
QUOTE: "Sell."

Elliott make $730,000 a year trading pieces of paper with French bond traders. It's a stressful life; Elliott used to unwind by taking martinis through an IV bag and inflaming his nasal passages with cocaine, but he decided that he needed a hobby to help him relax. Elliott chose fly fishing because it's a little - not much - cheaper than his recreational drug intake.

Elliott doesn't have a good selection of fly water to indulge his habit, so he usualy charters a plane up to Maine or New Hampshire instead of roll casting for condoms - "Chicago Trout" or "Coney Island Whitefish" - in the East River.

This year, Elliot will spend $32,256.50 on fly fishing equipment. He lives within limousine distance of the Orvis store, and like to go there on Saturdays with his American Express Platinum/Plutonium card (credit limit: GNP of Australia). To keep a little stress in his hobby, Elliott likes to attempt to tie intricate Scottish salmon flies; this way he can sniff head cement and get a little buzz if his tying technique is a bit off. Elliott caught two browns (aggregate length: 13 inches) and seven brookies (total weight: one lb., two oz.) last year in the Kill rivers. Elliott doesn't like to actually touch fish - "Blows my manicure all to hell" - and thinks he might make a down payment on New Zealand next year so he doesn't have to share any riffles with riffraff. ~ Jack Ohman

If you like Jack's fly fishing humor, be sure to look for his new book, GET THE NET! published by Willow Creek.

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