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August 16th, 1999

Cane Rods

by Jack Ohman

If you like Jack's fly fishing humor, be sure to look for his new book, GET THE NET! published by Willow Creek.

They're strickly for dry fishing. Fishing with them is Art, but who wants to fish with something they're afraid to touch? Fishing with a cane rod is like playing rugby in your grandmother's sitting room; the delicacy with which you have to pursue the sport is usually not worth the hassle. I sometimes have the sensation that I'm posing for an oil painting when I've used one. Graphite has the edge on durability, but proponents may argue that Babe Ruth would not use an aluminum bat. When you're trying to jerk that two-buck fly out of the bushes across the stream, you may want something that doesn't seem to make little whimpering moises when you haul back on it. ~ Jack Ohman

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