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September 1st, 2003

A Fly Fisherman's Psalm
By Steven Medford

The Lord is my fly fishing guide; I shall not wander.
He makes me to walk beside the cool, flowing mountain streams; He shows me the deep, tranquil pools.

He renews my weary soul; he accompanies me to a myriad of rivers so that I may experience His creation.

Yea, though I might not catch fish, I will not be discouraged; for that is not always my aim; the beauty of His scenery is what comforts me.

Thou has blessed me with a rich heritage of mentors who have encouraged me in the pure bliss of this wonderful sport; my thankful heart overflows.

Surely His goodness and His mercy shall follow me with each fishing trip all the days of my life; and I will always wade in His waters forever. ~ Steven Medford, March 23, 2003.

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