Lighter Side
February 1st, 1999

Sparing the Rod - Part 2

By Jack Ohman
Excerpt from Fear of Fly Fishing Thanks for use permission.

Long rods Who doesn't want a long rod? If you live west of Minneapolis, these things are an absolute must. A nine-and-a-half footer will sling your weight-forward line to Omaha if you've got even the slightest tailwind, but they can also wrap eighty feet of Cortland around your neck and dig a Muddler Minnow into your temple laughing all the way. There are salmon rods up to 14 feet long, but you're casting to fish, not Buicks.

However, on Eastern streams you'll be regarded as somewhat of a vulgarian; you might as well show up on the Neversink with a Snoopy Zebco and a loaf of Wonder Bread. In the Midwest, you'll be regarded as a pretentious exhibitionist with money to throw in the stream. A straw cowby hat complements the long rod and telegraphs the signal to fellow fishermen that you're from A Big Western State and you catch Big Western Fish.(Next time - Short Rods)

~ Jack Ohman

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