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June 16th, 2003

The Compleat Angler (revised)
By Jack Ohman

All manner of thynges have chaynged in the pursuit of and anglinge for Troute. I visited upon an Avon seemingly teeming withe the Troute in question, and was well outfitted with the newest and most advanced Rods, Reels, and Flyes.

Well I knew the Anguished Cryes and consternatione of the angler who equipmente had fayled. I am accustomed to Cane and symplest of lyne, so I stoode in the Brooke to field teste the new equuipment. At once I spyed a risynge Troute and was sore tempted to toss a Garden hackle or Earth Worme at the fysh, yet well I recalled the Admonitiones and Warnynge of Purists who do not of necessity neede to catch the Troute. So Goode Sporte that I indeed be, I put asyde the thoughts of the Meat angler and tyed on the most meagre of flyes (size 22 creame midge) and gossamer leader.

Instantly the Troute rose and I importuned him to accept my Tiny insecte. No Luck as Suche, so I tyed on another and another, until I was able to determine that the Troute in question was a Selective One. One That Won't byte come Helle or Highe Water.

I attempted to execute Rolle Castes and Slyngeshot deliveries of My Forwarde weightede lyne. The Troute rolled and Boilled as if to mocke my Fruitless efforts. More and more pyssed off I became as I maniacally replaced minature terrestrials and teeny nymphs and Gaudy attractors and still the risynge Troute slapped Maerrily on the surface.

I tryed six weights and five weights and even a laughable four weightede rod and lyne and so on. The Troute knew not my Brande Names and Boron Rod and power Butt and engrayved reele, and scarce I coulde place blame on him.

"Screw you," I mused as a ripost to the Taunts and mockingyne Behaviour of the Troute and I heav'd the Winston rod and the Hardie reele and the Scientifik angler lyne far into the Brooke. I wente scavenging in the mud for a Large worme and tyed it on to my Olde Cane Pole and tossed it in the Vicinity of the Troute, who tooke it Hooke, lyne and synkere.

So I reeled in the God Damned Troute and consumed it on the banke of the Brooke and To Helle with the delicate Presentatione. ~ Jack Ohman

Credit: This is an excerpt from Fear of Fly Fishing by Jack Ohman, published by Willow Creek.

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