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October 28th, 2002

Beaver Shuffle
By 'cap'

Publisher's Note: This is straight from our Bulletin Board, no editing, (well just a little). If you are short on humor you might surf your way through some of those opportunities.

One time I was poling my canoe upstream..... I was paying big time attention to what I was doing and I didn't want my canoe to get sideways and head on down..... (I now realize I should have been downstream fishing cuz my pole must of surely been sending down a cascade of tender trout morsels)


I pole up into this pool and it seems like a nice place to take a breather and have a pipe....the sun is starting to go down and it is very serene and scenic .....I'm looking around, puffin' on my pipe and I see that a hatch is commencing to come off, so I get out "Old Bessie" (that's my flyrod) and commence to do the 10 to 2....

I'm fishing for a while and I hear this rustling off in the woods...I get down low and I'm real quiet and lo and behold I'm watchin' and a big bull moose comes out into the stream right in front of me...he is fully racked if you know what I mean...he's a big bastid and he is within a stones throw of me.....he starts giving me the evil eye....I don't know if you have ever been in a stare down with a bull moose during the rut but it is kinda scary....anyway, he's giving me this moose look..... I'm lookin at him and he's lookin' at me and it's gettin' real creepy.... like something bad might happen so I put down my rod and I start to move the canoe away from this guy...basically giving him a wide berth, if you know what I mean? I haven't taken in my line yet, as I just put my rod down and picked up my paddle and as I'm moving across the pool in my canoe, all of a sudden my rod bends over and if it doesn't go over the side as I try to reach for my rod is between me and that big ole moose and the damm fish is pulling the rod closer to him.... so I move up with my canoe onto my rod to try and reach out for it, and the rod keeps just being out of my reach.... and all the while I'm keeping one eye on that moose...everytime I get close to the rod the big bastid just snorts and shakes his head just as I'm about to reach out and grab it...this of course scares the beejeezuz out of me and I miss snatching up my rod.... so I just get lower and try to become invisible like all the while getting closer and closer to that big ole moose and watching him with obe eye and my rod with the other....Well, I just get over to the rod and I'm watching that bastid and just as I reach out to grab it, by damm if a beaver doesn't do that slapping thing with his tail right next to my boat right behind me!....I nearly jump out of skin, but worse I go over the side!!! my rod is floating one way, my canoe is floating the other, I'm in over my head ...and ...I got a bull moose watching me and I'm hoping that the #@*! beaver isn't rabid and gonna come up and nip me in the ass....I figure I'll retrieve the rod first... which I do, but the damm fish is still on and he is swimmin all over the place...I start getting all tangled up in the line as I thrash over to my canoe....the moose at this point figures he's seen enough and he takes off for better entertainment....I get my canoe and I trying to scissor kick my way over to shore with my canoe in one hand and my rod in the other all the while with all this line wrapped around me and my other stuff floating around in all directions...I feel that the fish must have broken off cuz he ain't fighting no more...I finally get over to the bank and I get my bearings ...I'm thinkin' ain't that the #@*!dest thing and I feel something flopping around in my coat...what the hell is that? I reach into my pocket, it's one of them big coats with big pockets and I pull out a nice big brookie all shiny and nice.....must've been the one I hooked earlier...!!!

true story...!

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