Lighter Side
December 21st, 1998

Bryce Crowing on Chicken Fishing:

The new off season sport

By Dr.Bryce Gartrell
We sincerely thank Dr. Gartrell for appearing here!

Nice Three Pounder

On behalf of The Flyfishers of West Federal Heights (population:1), I would like to commend you for your innovation. A small roll cast for a flyfisher, perhaps, but an incomparable double-haul before a favorable breeze for the sport of flyfishing!

Not only will this provide excellent opportunities for people to develop or hone their angling skills when duty or circumstances restrict them to the barnyard, but it will surely do much to allay criticism of flyfishers as esoteric and silly in their habit of casting great expense toward the pursuit of a simple quarry. At last the layperson will appreciate the practicality and the challenge of our sport!

For who could deny the vexing intricacy of luring chickens - so long known for their cunning and discriminating taste - to gormandize upon flies tendered with a skillfully unfurled line? And who could fail to recognize the potential bounty of a well-stocked door yard? Suddenly, the prospect of a chicken in every pot seems far less concerns the pots of accomplished sportsmen, to be sure. But then, this begs the question: are "catch and release" principles to be upheld in this new dimension of our sport? If so, have you as yet determined the proper methods for landing and releasing poultry?

In my excitement over this great revelation, I may have been hasty in ordering chickens. Are certain varieties recommended above others for their sporting qualities? Do I need to be concerned about introducing non-indigenous species? Are there certain measures I should take to ensure a habitat that will sustain a healthy population? What is the season? ~ Dr. Gartrell, Emeritus, Esquire, Etc
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