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June 17th, 2002

Observations from Down Under

By Jo Foster, Wellington, NZ

  • Pools are twice as deep as they look.

  • Those who say take your children fishing don't have any and haven't met yours.

  • Have absolute faith in your waders when fishing in winter.

  • Trout can't tell the difference between male and female anglers.

  • Men don't like having their ears pierced.

  • You never appreciate your local waters until you move.

  • Fish are always bigger before you see them.

  • Vests are never big enough.

  • Women's waders are made for whippets and modelled by anorexic in-patients.

  • Dogs don't make great catches.

  • Loose lips sink fishing trips.

  • When people say, "It's easy to wade" make sure they are shorter than you.

  • Just one more step is always one too many.

  • If men gave birth, more women would be fishing.

  • Your catches are always better when telling someone who wasn't there. ~ Jo Foster (jo).

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