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May 20th, 2002

My Wife is Gone But I Still Have My Fly Rod

By Vaughn Pemberton

Reading Al Campbell's article Men are from Caves reminded me of my ex- wife.

Only in my case I knew her all too well! Early on in our marriage I learned she was putting on a act when we were just dating, and as time went on I learned just about all there was to know about her, and it wasn't very pretty. Now, she claimed she knew how to fish, but that also was just a act. She knew how to cast a rod and reel and was able to put a worm on a hook and fish with a bobber, so when we went fishing together I took my spinning outfit and cast plugs for bass. In those days there was not a size limit on bass and most places was fished out, so me not catching hardly anything or nothing at all did not show up her lack of fishing skills.

When I went fishing by myself I would take my fly rod and would bring home a nice stringer of bluegills. One day she asked me, "Why don't you take your fly rod and fish for bluegills instead of bass? " Well, I did and it was the last time we went fishing together.

We had gone to a new place and I found a bluegill bed bigger than I had seen since I had owned my fly rod. Bluegills seemed to be waiting in line to jump on my fly while my wife could hardly get a bite, so she says, "let's go," and I said, "this is food for the table." As a young couple we were on a limited budget and the fish was a big help. I told her I will pitch them on the bank and you put them in the live bag, she did for a short while, but she thought I was having too much fun, so she broke into tears and I had to take her home.

My wife could not stand to see me enjoying myself doing anything, so I practiced some catch and release and. . . Let HER Go.

I spent the next 17 years living in a small cabin, hunting, fishing and doing as I pleased. I did finally find the right lady for me and April 12th we celebrated our 9th anniversary. We went fishing and we both caught the limit on crappie plus 15 nice bluegills.

Remember there is more water than land, so God intended for us to fish more than work. ~ Vaughn Pemberton

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