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March 18th, 2002

When Pigs Fly
By Jim Hatch

Below is a photo of my latest "Hawg Killer" fly. As you can see, even the names are quite different here in the deep south. Anyway, operating on the assumption that large bass prefer pork, (our fathers and grandfathers would never go far afield without a jar of brine preserved pork rind to dress their bass lures), I took this fly a step further, and offered the bass their choice of pork cuts or the option of going whole hog.

While the field testing continues, early results are quite promising and I'm sure this fly will soon grace the flyboxes of those lunker seekers in the know. As an added side benefit, if one of your fishing compadres happens to favor the exclamation, "When Pigs Fly," it is quite possible that by merely stating, "I have seen a 'pig fly' and can prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt," you may be able to entice said individual into a wager for the evenings liquid libations.

Testing to date has been limited to the warmwater fishes prevelent here in South Carolina. If you would be interested in testing the fly on salmonoids I would be happy to send you a couple for testing purposes. ~ Jim Hatch

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